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Walking the Labyrinth… photo by DebRA Namara

“There will be what ifs… and there will be maybes. There will always be reasons to not do something. But those are the bits that makes it exciting…”
~ Ewan MacGregor “Long Way Round

“There is wisdom in not knowing, and it is a wise person who can say, “I don’t know.”
~ Daily Om

From journal, letter to self:

Dear You,

Do not spend your time worrying what others think of you;
whether you could inspire the inspiring;
what connections should or could be made.
just let it be.

Take solace in your journal.
Pour it out there.
Take solace in the light streaming into your studio.
Find comfort there. Be guided there.

Stride on, my beautiful self.
Take leap of faith after leap of faith.
I’ll be right here. Cheering you on from the luminous streaks of the universe.
Laughing with you in stairwells.
Just be honest with YOU. Be honest about YOU.
Live YOU.

love you,