“Be not afraid of growing slowly,
be afraid only of standing still.”
~ Chinese proverb

My sister sent me this beautiful picture she took of me and my nephew Joshua. We spent that afternoon sitting on the lawn, reading books and laughing in the warmth. Joshua wasn’t feeling well, and spent hours lying in my lap. It was entirely precious.

Precious moments are abound. I rode fast on my bike in the darkness tonight, stopping at each flowered bush to smell them. Raced under a luminous Jupiter and a growing moon. Stopped to watch water flowing down the flood drains. I finally discovered parts of my neighbourhood I had always wanted to find out about. I grew breathless and sore, and elated.

This freedom… this new way of seeing the world… has been the greatest gift of all.

A gift on two wheels.

The simple things…
they are the shenizzle.