Are you currently experiencing a slow patch in your business?

Now is the perfect time to start doing some “Slow Patch” activities to catch up on old work, market for new customers and prepare for the next busy patch in your business!

35 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

  1. Create a new service or offering
  2. Create (or grow) your mailing list
  3. Create a lead magnet or free opt-in to get people onto your mailing list
  4. Do pro bono work
  5. Read a book
  6. Write a book
  7. Go to a networking event
  8. Host a webinar
  9. Host a giveaway
  10. Revisit your goals workbook (or if you haven’t done them yet… do your business planning with them!)
  11. Take on a wild donkey project
  12. Offer a special promo
  13. Send thank you letters to your ten best clients
  14. Ask your customers for referrals
  15. Give gifts or discounts in return for referrals
  16. Collect testimonials to advertise your work
  17. Go on a gratitude binge. (Use the free gratitude diary!)
  18. Read 100+ Ways To Market Your Biz… and use it like a checklist. DO THE THINGS!
  19. Declutter + decorate your office
  20. Catch up on all the admin work that got ignored during your busy periods
  21. Batch create and schedule blog posts and/or social media posts for the next few months (it will help when things get busy again!)
  22. Review your expenses
  23. Refresh your website
  24. Start a podcast
  25. Catch up with business associates you’ve been meaning to connect with
  26. Create a joint venture with a business who has a similar target market
  27. SELF CARE SELF CARE SELF CARE (aka: prevent burnout)
  28. Develop a new income stream
  29. Immerse yourself in positivity by listening to audiobooks or inspirational podcasts
  30. Review your list of customers and contacts to see how you can help them next
  31. Find a mastermind
  32. Catch up on bookkeeping, taxes and things you’ve been putting off
  33. Record 10 short videos answering the top questions clients ask you and pop them up everrrrywhere online
  34. Do a blog or podcast tour
  35. Have a motherfucking hollllllliday… make up for all the times you can’t! Plus… having time away often breeds new ideas and fresh inspiration!

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I hope these resources are so useful for you!

Most of all… take heart! Every business has its slow patches. And you can use this time to create something even bigger, better and brighter for the future.

Big love,