Hola loves,

So, I know I’ve been talking about the Shining Biz and Life Academy a lot since we are closing enrolments at the end of this month.

And sometimes it’s hard to know what to think… there’s so many words out there by people about themselves… and I thought it would be nice instead to hand over the microphone instead… and you can hear from our actual members…

These were videoed at a bunch of different places – some at the annual Shining Biz + Life conference in Canberra, some in Cairns, some on webcam from around the world.

Why you might find it useful:

  • If you’re wanting to know if the Academy could help YOU…
  • if you want to know the kinds of results members are getting…
  • if you want to know if you’ll fit in there…

watch it now!

And I have to tell you…

My sweet husband edited it all together into this video for me… and finished it in one particularly crazy week where I was running around here, there and everywhere, putting out fires, making stuff happen… and he asked me to come sit beside him for half an hour and watch it.

And I was like:

Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think I have time to sit down right now?

But he said: “Honey, you need to watch this…”

And when he says things like that, he’s always right.

So I sat down with him.

And we watched it together. And I cried four times.

These women’s stories. Their bravery, their courage, their joy… just the miracle of them.

Please do watch it!

I am incredibly grateful that the Academy has helped them to bloom. Because that’s what they were born to do.

I’m proud of them, and in awe of them, and so deeply grateful that we get to do this work together.

And it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life… to keep serving these incredible women… keep helping them make those big, brave, wonderful dreams of theirs come true.

As you probably already know, we are closing to new members at the end of this month so I can concentrate on serving my Academy members. If you’d like to be our next success story, you’ll need to enrol by 30 Sept.


P.S. Honestly? The money means bugger all, really. Anyone can sell anything. The instant success. The one-off wins.

But this – this is the thing that brings me joy and satisfaction:




I’m so proud that our membership retention rates are so insanely high – we get 80% of our members renew for another year because they get SO MUCH VALUE out of it they don’t want to live without it… in fact… some of our members have been with us since the day we opened our doors exactly six years ago… September 2010!!!!!

To be helping people? And seeing them be so delighted they return over and over?

That makes me the happiest of all…

Sign up before we close enrolments for the year!

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