Hola gorgeous souls,

The angels came atapping upon my shoulder yesterday,

and who am I to say no?

So I made a book with them.

In a day. Riding donkey-style, of course.

It’s a book from the angels, helped by a number of incredible, brave, beautiful women that I have been fortunate enough to photograph as goddesses over the last six years. I haven’t shared many of these photographs before, but this project called for them. They wanted to sing the song of the angel’s love too.

So here it is, my dearest.

It is for you. And for me.

It is a message of love, to help you remember you are not alone.


Divine inspiration and love, from my arty heart to yours.

And please, dearest heart… feel free to share, print, email, send along to any of your dear friends who might need the touch of an angel.

May we always remember.

Forever love,