Angel Friends, mixed media on canvas, 2007
No real point to this image. Just that this is how I feel here, surrounded by you all. Like we are each other’s angels.

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Hurrrrrrah! We made it! Goddess Guidebook style!
It’s been such a big journey to get this beautiful Goddess sailing ship happening, and I’m about a thousand percent relieved that it’s now on the sea, filled with goddesses, just as it should be.

I wanted to share a little about why I’ve created Goddess Guidebook and what I’m dreaming for it.

So, why the change?

Good question! I decided to change from to for two reasons: one practical, one hippy.

1.} Here’s the practical reason: Not many people can spell Leonie. It’s true. I’ve seen Lione, Leohni, Lioni and all manner of other wordology. And that’s just from people who’ve known me for years.  I really wanted to create a safe, gorgeous, vibrant space for goddesses to hang out. And if they can’t remember the intricate spelling of my somewhat exotic name, that’s way too exclusive. I want it to be easy and joyful and good and fun. For all of us.

2.} Here’s the non practical more ethereal energy-like reason: I didn’t want it to be all about me anymore. This isn’t about me just sharing my artwork anymore (though that was perfect while it was  like that). I just kept getting this vision that I needed to build something bigger. I kept saying I needed to create a “bus” for all my dreams and visions to fit within that was big enough to have space for all the Goddesses along on the ride. I wanted to create a big piece of transport that we could move within and move forward on. When I found, it felt big enough. For me to do what my spirit calls me to do, and in turn support other Goddesses in doing what their spirit calls them to do. Lately it feels like it’s moved more from a bus into a ship – but regardless, the energy-idea of it is the same: a big vehicle for us to be moved by. Hurrah!

So what can you expect in the future?

There’s a couple of changes I’m making.

First, some changes to stuff I already do.

I’m going to close enrolments to the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle at the end of this week. The e-Course will be offered as a self-run course kit by March. If you’re thinking about enrolling, you can enrol now and get access to the Circle, and download all the course materials to keep and use as you like. You’ll be able to enrol until Friday. Questions? Just email me and I’ll try and help.

I’m putting up the prices of Soul Story custom artworks and Goddess in You artworks. What this means for you: by putting up their prices, I can dedicate even more spirited energy into them. I want to make them super special. Beyond special. Simply sacred. What this also means for you: If you find yourself going “Gah! I was just thinking of getting one! Nooo! Price change!”, order on the old pages over at before I forward everything here in the next couple of days. Just telling ya the secret squirrely Goddess way coz I love ya 😉

I’m also going to outsource the printing of the Goddess Leonie Art Prints. The Etsy store will be closed down when I get a moment to scratch my sweet self, and I’ll be setting up shop at RedBubble. Why am I doing this? Because I’m too wild busy at the moment. I want to continue offering the Goddess art prints while still having time to help more goddesses AND have a really happy balanced life. What this means for you: You won’t get a handwritten note from me when you order a print. Boo! But you will get to choose much more options for your print. Hurrah!

New gorgeous things.

Goddess Guidance sessions
I’m now offering these oracle & reading sessions regularly. I’ve been doing them with VIP Creative Goddesses and have been blown away by the spirit and power and connection that’s been happening within them. They are a blend of an oracle card reading with Goddess coaching, and give you a whole golden hour of finding clarity and the Goddess in You for your journey.

More courses
Stay tuned on this… I’ve got bundles of ideas on new, soulful courses to offer for your Goddess journey. Hurrah!

In other news…

I’ve become a liiiittle addicted to making videos on Have you noticed? I’m just really digging sharing my day in a 12 second little snippet. Even if it does take me about 36 seconds of takes to speak fast enough. Hee hee hee 🙂
Couch Sitting, Water Drinking on

Okay gorgeous Goddesses ~ I hope this all makes gorgeous & wonderful sense for you, and resonates with you. As always, if you have any questions or sharings, the Comments Circle is always open for you.

I’m just so glad to share with you all these beautiful changes…
and am so blessed to share this journey with you…

From the Goddess in Me,
to the Goddess in You,