Another one of those long love letter posts from me, dearest. One that covers my exciting new dream house news, why I’m doubling my rates, how I’m changing the business world, why sand down your back is pretty much the funnest thing ever + how not to burn out. Get a cup of tea, settle in, read on, my lovely.

Hola dearests,

There’s so much tumbling about in me. The words and the stories rummage around inside me, tussle for space at night. They hide between the lines of vague to do lists, get stuck between my fingers as I begin to type.

“What is there to say?”

I wonder.

And yet, and yet, I keep turning up to the page.

This dear page where for the last eight years I’ve been turning to. To you, the souls out there who have been reading ever since, some from the very first day, some from last week… and yet still, each as dear and close to me as the most loving, understanding penpal can be.

For that is what we are, I think.

I harness words into green tinted bottles and send them out to sea, knowing, with blind faith, that they will be found by the ones who need to read them.

I tell my story because it needs to be told, because others will find themselves in my words and know they are not alone. They’ll glimpse pathways they’ve not seen before, and they’ll know once and for all:

I am not alone.

I am not alone in this.

I think that’s the great joy in all of this. When we discover just how close we are to other souls. That we’re not eternally broken, that we weren’t born weird. We were born ablaze, just as we are, and in time discover, much to our delight, there are other ablaze souls too.

So my dear penfriend, what story shall I tell you today?

Shall I tell you that we just moved to the treehouse… and then proceeded to fall wildly, deeply in love with a small farm? The one that my love + I have dreamed for most our lives?

I didn’t expect to fall in love so hard or so quickly. But we walked off the land and got into the car, and I said to Chris:

“It’s mine. There’s never been anything more mine in my life.”

And then I asked him how I felt, and he who wears his heart on his sleeve but under cover, said:

“I want it so much that I can’t talk about it incase we don’t get it.”

And so we polevaulted into our dreams.

And say all you like about manifesting and the secret, but the most important part of the secret is M.S.H. (Making Shit Happen.)

It requires a stellar cast of growing some cahones, sucking up some courage, taking deep breaths + making grand offers.

In six weeks (Great Spirit willing), I’ll be typing to you from the most beautiful home I’ve ever loved… complete with its own offices + recording studio.


I think I will always be intensely grateful for this healing sanctuary that the treehouse and the rainforest has been for us. It feels like we’ve been hugged by the trees while we are here (instead of us doing the hugging).

I’m ready for some raucous running around our new bit of land, rustling around on the ground like an emu dusting up her wings.

The Beach Healing

This morning we went on a wee morning adventure, and ended up at the most stunning beach. It felt like a direct energy link to some kind of gorgeous beach in Northern California… all rocky outcrop and surrounded by pine.

We lay there for the longest time, and I felt like I was receiving a healing from the ocean and the sky.

And I just felt free.

And Ostara discovered how to make sand angels, and also discovered that sand was delightful fairy dust to sprinkle down the back of her mama’s & papa’s shirts.


Family + Business CAN Combine!

I just made a video to share with you all about the sacred truths about business. It’ll be published soon, but if you’re wetting your pants with excitement to watch it NOW, you can watch here.

Anyways, as I was laying there on the beach on a lazy Thursday morning, enjoying the gorgeous world with my husbo + daughter, I was thinking about what I change in the business world.

And the two things that keep coming up are:

1.) I want to teach other women that you can do this AND have your family too.

That you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You really CAN have it all. I’m an attachment parenting mama who still breastfeeds her toddler and spends most of my day with my family. I’m ALSO the CEO of a multiple six figure company. And I get to spend time every single day doing my creative and spiritual dreams.

They are not either-or. I don’t have to choose between them. They are all a meshable, thriving fit.

And I’m going to prove that it’s doable to have the same lifestyle with a company that seven figures too. Because I know that’s where the company wants to go, I *know* that’s how many people I was born to touch, and I know that’s the amount of energy that wants to come through.

It’s all totally doable. And I am going to teach that, and prove that, and help other women and mamas find the same kind of fit in their lives and businesses.

2. I want to do it on my spiritual terms.

Without dishonouring my spirit or intentions.

As much as there is demand for me to take on a full coaching practice of one-on-one clients, it’s not what I want to do. I want to help as many people as I can through “compound energy” – through programs that I create once that go on to help thousands of people. That’s truly powerful.

And at some point I will take on working with a small group of really dedicated women who want to work closely with me to transform their businesses and lives.

It’s all about me honouring my natural energy and inspiration. I get mega kicks from helping as many people as possible. I absolutely ADORE and thrive on creating new programs. And I get drained from doing too much one-on-one work on a regular basis.

I’ve built my company on the ethos of helping as many people as possible through “compound energy” (aka e-courses + the Goddess Circle program), and I’ll keep remaining true to that.

Coz that’s what lights me up + brings me home.

Abundance, Mindset, Money, Marketing

Oh panda. There is SO much I want to talk to you about this.


It’s like this year has been an intensive university degree in this.

Did you know that JUST by making some mindset shifts around how I saw wealth and by making some marketing adjustments, I DOUBLED my monthly income?

And not just by a little. A LOT.

In May, we went from doing our usual $25k a month (which is amazing all on its own) to almost $50k?

And this was in a month where I moved city and house AND took a week off?


Does this press your buttons?

This talk of numbers might totally press your buttons.

Your immediate reaction might be:

“Who would need to make THAT kind of money?”

As thought that kind of money is inherently icksville. Or obscene.

And that totally makes me giggle because I was in exactly the same place a few years ago.

My bestie reminded me a couple of weeks ago that I once said to her

“I earn like $60k right now from my government job… I’ll never earn more than that because anything more than that is just GREEDY.”

Holy dinger.

When was it ever pious to be poor?

What on earth made me think that it wasn’t okay to receive more abundance in my life?

To have more beauty, more comfort, more of the things I dreamed of?

What on earth made me think that if I just scraped through and earned what I needed, that made me morally better than someone who earned enough to do what they wanted?

I remember grabbing a copy of the BRW Rich 200 list last year, and reading through all the articles. I really wanted to know:

What do rich peeps do with their money?

And here’s the thing that totally blew me away:

“Rich” people:

  • create employment for other families
  • usually donate a greater percentage of their income compared to “non-rich”

I’m talking mega star stuff here. Like building whole wards of hospitals, starting foundations, + aiming to become the world’s biggest philanthropist. It’s nice when people compete for those kind of titles.

And we have the choice here.

To step up if we are called and do something really powerful.

Have you ever thought that you could be a sacred, compassionate, generous, earth-loving millionaire?

Someone who is the CEO of a company that treats themselves, their family, their employees, their clients and their employees with impeccability and loving-kindness. For their business to be a sacred embodiment of all their values. For the company to create SO MUCH GOOD in the world.

I have. I think about it all the time, lately.

I want to prove it is possible. I was born to dream this big.

I want to help you do the same if that’s what your soul is calling you to do.

Business Doesn’t Have To Burn You Out

In the beginning when I first started out, and my business went off with a wild, crazy, busy BANG, I learned the gift of burn out.

After running my very first e-course, I burnt myself out so thoroughly, to a crisp, that I passed out while meditating, had my very first panic attack + had to put myself on immediate healing retreat, and I couldn’t create for three months afterwards. (More sharings about burn out here + here.)

That very first burn out felt like an energetic train wreck, and it was also such a gift to me.

Ever since then, I’ve become wiser + wiser about what it looks like when burn out is impending. I apply the brakes much quicker. After that first spectacular burnout, over the next couple of years, I had a few more slight bumper bashes against burn out, but nothing quite like that first time.

I’ve implemented structure in my life to stop burn out. I have support.

I have Switch Off Sundays. I have a very strict bed time. I have a list of “Self Care Necessities” that must take place (including a massage each month).

The system has gotten even more refined over the last year.

I have more support than I’ve ever had – I invest in myself with a full time assistant/Chief Operations Officer, a business coach & a master intuitive healer.

I’ve become a flipping genius at spotting burn out, and circumventing it before it happens.

My energy and my brain space and my happiness are the most important engines behind my business.

And I extend the same philosophy to my lovely assistant. I don’t want working in my business to be a suckful experience for her. Like me, she is a wildly hard worker and a perfectionist. So we create guidelines and systems and support to make sure her job is as joyful, sacred an experience for her as possible.

I want my business to be walking its talk when it comes to being the embodiment of abundance, joy, prosperity and joy… including for my employees.

Why I am doubling rates on the Goddess Circle

You may have heard – my Goddess Circle program is doubling its rates on July 3.

For almost two years, it’s been a very low cost program ($99 for over $1300 worth of my programs).

It was incredibly hard to decide to double the rates. I remember having a bit of a panic attack/sob fest on the phone with one of my coaches and my lovely assistant when I realised I had to. I think I’ll always remember the moment.

There are three principal reasons I had to increase:

  1. The amount of resources in the Circle has more than doubled since it began
  2. The container for the program felt too small – like the price was constricting the magic that was able to happen in there
  3. And most importantly this. This soul truth that burbled out from me that morning on the phone:

I’m no longer willing to work with women who aren’t willing to do the work or invest in themselves.

It’s true. As much as I deeply want to help every person in the world, I know that pricing must be a sacred energetic exchange. I know that every person must actually stand up and make their choices for themselves. I can offer my work and my gifts as loudly + proudly as I am able to, but it is really up to each person to do the work. To make the transformation. I know I can assist make great miracles happen.

But it can only happen with the willing.

I want to work with women who will use what I am offering and make their worlds light up so big and bright they are an incandescent joy to witness.

I want my work to be treasured, adored + used as the soul, life + biz catapault it is.

I want it to be valued, because it is deeply valuable.

I know how valuable it is – because I’ve created an incredible creative, soulful, prosperous + happy life using the same techniques.

And the price is being adjusted so it is more in accordance with it.

So it’s a big shift for me… no longer selling the cheapest combo pack out there and competing on price… and instead offering what I have for a truer value of its worth.

To the women who really want to do this work.

Who want to turn up + share their light.

Who are ready to run with the impending miracles.

The Future…

is so bright, one simply must wear shades.

All I know is, I’m evolving at such a rapid rate right now.

Shifting the way I see the world, what I want, who I want to help, what I wish to receive, and just how big and bright a light I can be.

And that money + business + soul purpose + family is all totally woven in together… not seperate… just evidence of a full life well lived. There are real + shining truths about all these things that are just being discovered right now. By us. Forming a whole new world.

To you all… abundance, blessings, brightness + thriving,

P.S. A reminder: Goddess Circle rates double in *ten days* time. If you’re called, enrol now at the lower rate + receive my complete pack of tools to transform every area of your life – business, happiness, health, soul + creativity. Aho!