Talking about Receive Wishes on

And tha winnah is… on

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I so deeply loved reading your Wishes for Receiving in the last post. I was so touched by every single one of them, as was Goddess Silvia. Me & Charlie made some videos to talk about it and announce the winner (see above). And please ignore Charlie deciding to use me as a chew toy during the Very Important Announcement Ceremony. Tooooo funny! 🙂

We used the Random Number Generator to find our Receive Goddess –

Goddess Pink Heels… if you’d like to email me (leonie AT goddessguidebook DOT com) to Receive, that would be divine.

And for everyone else… may all our wishes to Receive come true!

May our cups be filled up with just what we need.

You are so loved.



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