Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s a shining, sparkling day over here at Casa del God & Goddess Love. Today I wanted to share with you a little about developing intuition. I get asked about this all the time, and I want to share my own story about it. And it’s kind of a wild story. A bit of a crazy one. But one that I deeply love. And I’m such a proponent of speaking your truth, that tonight I’m walking it by sharing this wild, wild thing.

I haven’t always been intuitive.

It’s true. And when I say that, what I really mean is:
I haven’t always been aware of my intuitive gifts.
I know we are all born with them, it’s just it can take some time to awaken to them and learn how to hear them and trust in them. It’s like going through school – a class of Hearing Intuition 101 there, a class of Believing Intuition 202.

Story time

Sometimes, instead of just hearing wisdom and words and trying to apply them… it’s easier to understand through stories. We are story people – our world is filled with stories, and they can change how we see the world. They can touch our heart, and awaken new rooms in our soul. Stories are sacred.

The best story I can share about intuition is this:

Once upon a time, a couple of years ago, me and a couple of women sisters had a women’s circle one night. We thought we would have one on the top of a hill near the sisters’ place. When we got there, we could see a storm coming. We decided it would be far richer to circle in a storm on a hill than just sit inside and do it. So up the hill we climbed, to the rocky ground near a large old tree. Mama Trees arms opened wide, arching into the sky, holding us safely.

It was exquisite.

All around the mountain, we could see the misting rain. It glowed with far-off lightning, and the gold of streetlamps. Every strand of grass moved in the breeze, the rain dripped from our chins, the wind touched every hollow of our cheeks. It seemed the whole earth was alive, reaching up to embrace the rain, tingling with energy. It was wild. Beyond wild. It felt deeply ancestral and ancient to be up there, huddling in a circle of women as the world storm-danced around us.

Finding the words.

As we do in circle, we took a talking stick. And each woman voiced her truth, her soul’s story as she held the talking stick. She shared about her life and her journey and all that had been coming up for her. As always, it was perfectly raw and exquisite – to hear women sharing deeply from her heart and spirit is always an honour. The talking stick was passed to me. The wind whirled around us. The night gloamed. The soil had splattered on my ankles.

All of a sudden, I couldn’t speak English.

That non-crazy time I-couldn’t-speak-English

Inside my mind, I was thinking “But you must speak English! That’s what’s expected! That’s how you communicate! If you don’t speak English, what on earth will you speak?”
And inside my soul, I could feel this deep, instinctual need to speak another way. I decided to follow it. I wanted to see where it lead. After many soft moments of composing myself, I managed to say (in English):

Up here, on this mountain, on this night, I don’t feel like I should be speaking English. I feel like I should be listening to this, and speaking what feels really, really right to me right now.

I looked around at my circle sisters. Their eyes were large in the light of the night, and they nodded their understanding.

And so I took a deep breath in, and I listened. And then I began speaking.
It was a language that tasted of earth and life. It bubbled over rocks like a river. It burst like a rain drop on cement. It sounded like leaves rustling, of soft humming, of a woman who listened to herself. I would hear pockets of expression, and I would sound them out, mouthing them out, head cocked to the side, listening. I was simultaneously utterly surprised at what came out and deeply comfortable with them. It continued until it finished.

And we sat there again, the wind and the rain and the night and the light all around us.
Listening, being, feeling wild and wonderful.


Maybe I was remembering part of my ancient self.
Maybe I was speaking the sounds of the earth.
Maybe I was speaking a language from a past life, when I circled with other women on mountains.
Maybe it was all of these.

What I know for sure though is this:
I listened to and FOLLOWED the intuition when it came through.
And that makes all the difference.
All the difference in the world.

What intuition looks like

Sometimes intuition is a tiny calling in the chest.
Sometimes it is a wild little desire to do something.
Sometimes it feels like a big knowing.
Sometimes it feels like a compass in the belly, pointing you in the direction where you need to go.

How to start working with it

Start exploring it. Trying new little ways to explore it and test it. To know when your intuition is coming from your grounded Goddess self, and to know when it is coming from somewhere else.

Up there on that mountain, following that wild calling in me to speak another language awakened another world inside me. I felt I could do anything because I’d trusted my intuition, and followed it. It was kind of a big way to try it out, but I was in a safe place with trusted friends. Afterwards they remarked just how right it felt to listen to me speak in another language. Flex your intuition muscle with friends who understand and honour you and your intuition building.

Or try our your intuition muscle in other ways to help you feel safe and honoured. This morning I woke up with a dear friend in my energy. I emailed her and said “Sweetie, I’m not sure if I’m right on or not, but I feel your spirit is feeling sad, and I want to reassure it that all will be well. If you’re feeling great though, that’s great!” She wrote back to me thanking me for the message and sharing about her spirit sadness. It was a beautiful exchange – and I’m so grateful I listened to my intuition.

See your intuition as a muscle that is inside you, it just needs attention and building.

How I share my intuition now…

At the end of last year, I decided or knew that I wanted to share my intuition more. So I created Goddess Guidance sessions – a blend of Goddess coaching and oracle reading. Every time I go to do one of these sessions I wonder – what if I don’t know what to do? And then I place my trust in my intuition – to the spirit inside me. I listen. I trust it. I speak it. And every single time, miracles happen. I finish sessions and wonder how on earth my intuition could know that. And yet it does. I just needed to listen.

What happens if your intuition is wrong?

Sometimes what you think is true doesn’t seem to be. There’s a couple of reasons this can be the case.

* Timing: Your intuition may end up being true – but you only find that out in a month or a year or ten years. It can take time for the universe to unfold.
* Lost in Spirit’s translation: Sometimes when we hear intuition, we don’t fully deciper the message. Sometimes messages about others can be messages about what they represent inside ourselves – our own sacred mirror. Discerning what is true for us can take time, and it’s a beautiful process to learn through.

What matters most…

What matters most is listening and believing and trusting in your intuition.
In seeing where it leads to. In playing, and exploring, and building your intuition muscle.
Inside us there is so much wisdom and knowing… and it is such a joy to access it, learn it and grow it.

Passing the talking stick…

As always, you are so welcome to take the talking stick and share your own stories, intuition or words in the Comments Circle. I’d love to hear them!

We are amazing, amazing souls with amazing, amazing gifts.

With love,
from the Goddess in Me,
to the Goddess in You,

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