21Jan Your word of the year

Hi lovebugs!

Creating an artwork to celebrate your theme for the year is one of my most favourite creative side projects in the workbooks (you can see my 2016 word of the year + artwork here!)

thrive painting

I thought it would be fun to see what some other workbook goddesses were doing as their artwork for the year.

I asked workbookers in the 2016 Creating Your Shining Year workbook group to share with me some of theirs!

I love how different + magical each of these is… a strong totem and emblem for exactly what they want to invoke in 2016.

Hope these inspire you as much as they did for me!

Tamela Fawns

Tamela Fawns created a gorgeous pen + watercolour. I love the smile on this girl’s face. Totally embodies the energy of “embody.”

Kristin Milton

Kristin shared her art journal collage of her word of the year – Foundations!

(Fun side story: I met Kristin years ago when I got to photograph her pregnant in the river.)

Lemme see if I can find a photograph from it… AWWWW YEAHHHHH>>> JUST DID…



Okay… back to word of the year artwork now!

Bard Judith

Bard Judith shared her gorgeous digital collage…

Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller made this MAGICAL creative act to celebrate bloom… Imagonna guess them be seeds? Or rice? Either way… #radperfect

Dalea Faulkner

Dalea Faulkner made me giggle my ass off… combining my favourites and making a MERNICORN!

Andrea Stern

Andrea Stern reminds me of Picasso’s line work. I remember seeing his originals as a teenager in “The Big Smoke” (aka Brisbane!) I loved how perfect and thoughtful yet lyrical it all was. So yeah… go you good thing Andrea!

Kt Shepherd

Kt Shepherd shared her scrumptious zendoodlish THRIVE!

Marigold Fairweather

Marigold Fairweather is adorable as fuck.

Tia Elizabeth Tuuta

Tia Elizabeth Tuuta made a gorgeous framed collage. I’m also tripping out over the print because it’s the EXACT same one I have on my laptop skin!!!!

Yvette Griggs

Yvette Griggs created this beautiful watercolour and ink. So vibrant yet peaceful. Patience. What a sweet exhale.

Trina Esquivelzeta

Trina Esquivelzeta combines black + white chalkboard with magical lettering.

I love how uncluttered it is. It’s exactly what it says it is.



Karen Shopoff Rooff

Karen Shopoff Rooff made this stunning digital collage.

Iris Fritschi-Cussens

Iris Fritschi-Cussens – exquisite artist at work. I love how all these artworks are sacred totems at work, reminding their creator of their highest intentions.

Anna Georges

Anna Georges drew her own kind of 2016 poster of mottos + goals, encapsulating some of the big things from her workbook. Fantastic idea.



Susan Meyer

Susan Meyer – a beautiful, beautiful photograph embodying the energy of her theme. Bliss!

Andrea Chamberlain

Andrea Chamberlain made a mosaic of her word. I just adore its rainbowy goodness.

Also: me + Andrea are totes mates IRL. Last year I crashed a workbook party that was happening a couple of towns over from where I lived and Andrea was there. She has the sweetest heart… just like her artwork.

Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers created this textured rainbow artwork for her word. SO creative. I’m guessing she wrote the word first in some kind of liquid glue or 3d paint, waited for it to dry and then painted over the top. I love how layered it is… like the word emerges out of the colour.


Lioness Lee

Lioness Lee created basically her own logo for 2016. She should just print it on a hundred stickers and brand her life with it.

Have you done yours yet?

If not… jump on it!

What’s YOUR word of the year? Share it with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #2016planners!

Can’t wait to see – they bring such a smile to my dial!



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