favourite 2016 planner photographs competition

Hola dearhearts!

Gosh I really do love workbook season. I’m like a giddy kid at Christmas seeing all the women using these workbooks + hearing how many miracles they are already making happen just in the span of a month.

And NOPE… it’s definitely NOT too late to start using them. Read on here to find out why.

Anywaysies, it’s always just a joy to see everyone using their workbooks and diaries and sharing about them on social media.

And to make it even more fun, we created a sweeeeet competition to reward our social media sharers… and it wraps up in just a few days!


All you need to do is…

Share a picture of the workbooks or diary (or you with them) on social media before January 31, and you could win one of TWO Shining Biz + Life Academy memberships (worth $497 each!)

How to Enter:

  • Upload your picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. (Make sure you’re not set to private!)
  • Hashtag it with #2016planners
  • The most creative + the most scenic photographs will win!

If you’re already an Academy member, you can gift it to a bestie instead, or extend your membership by a year!

Can’t wait to see your glorious pictures!

They bring such a smile to my dial… and I ADORE seeing the workbooks all splayed out around the world… working their magic with women everywhere!!!!

I decided to compile a few of my favourite posts thus far and give you some inspiration!

Okay, this video is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. And the storybook voice? TO DIE FOR!


Meet Ginger Bearded Stud. Bahahahaha! Peeps are soooo excited about getting their #shiningyear books in the mail they are taking heaps of photos of their packages and sending them into us which makes us so happy. This is some next level shit right here… One gorgeous soul was so excited she got the postman to post with her delivery!!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa… I LOVE IT.


Two gorgeous women who didn’t know each other before this… both of them living in a remote mining town… the week that this photo was taken they were the HOTTEST PLACE ON EARTH.


Talk about dedication! Hiking… Babywearing… Diarying it the fucccck up!


Fireplace… hello!


Workbook meet-ups! Yee-haw! I love seeing gorgeous goddesses getting together to manifest + mastermind together. Want to do workbooks together? Grab our free illustrated guide here!


This is from a gorgeous workbooker in the Istanbul airport. I wonder how many different airports these workbooks have traveled through and how many passport stamps they have?




Caught redhanded in the backseat of her car writing in her books! #mumslife


I don’t know what I enjoy more…that view, those workbooks, the flowers OR THAT TURQUOISE NAIL POLISH!?!




Sista, sista! So many of these gorgeous souls gift the workbooks to their friends + sisters so they can all work on their goals together. It’s so beautiful to see!


Reasons I can tell this is photographed in Australia:

1. The light

2. The rocks

3. The everything

4. Scott Alexander King’s Animal Dreaming cards. I can spot oracle cards from fifty paces.


Fuckkkkk soooo pretty. OH WAIT. GUYZ. LOOK!!! Someone who owns a FLOWER MARKET DID THIS. CHAMPION. DAMN CHAMPION.

Side note: In my highly scientific research I reckon I have evidence to prove that 99.9% of florists in the world are pure angels bringing beauty and healing to the world. I would say 100% but I wanted to appear more scientific.

I’m pretty sure it worked.


Can we just take a minute and marvel at this bath?!

I’m going to vote on it being a LUSH bomb. Ten bucks says I’m right.


Glad to know the workbooks are making it up to the mile high club! Bahahahaha!


Wow. Amazing.

And can we just talk about the most ADORBZ kids that use the workbooks…?

12485850_1023052641090593_8855610558360124400_o unnamed 1052651_1019949471400910_2336451057983282293_o 12375326_1012581735471017_4898000600247849636_o 12440505_1023030217759502_6462523490741715117_o 12374837_1010758445653346_6582237980124265331_o

Me too girl, me too.


Okay, and while we are at it, I’m thinking a pet version of the workbooks is in order…

12493498_1024845404244650_1462616501529301060_o unnamed-1 12512711_976969502351083_3906097657670798755_n

It’s a hedgehog! Omggggggg the cuteness!!!!!

12465910_1026768550719002_5163617893141500821_o 12362759_1009487325780458_1732170911854832797_o 12322423_1009938139068710_5303849886176886043_o 12241756_1000722113323646_7779597266650458882_n


Workbooks! Fun + joy for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Now… get on to sharing your images… you’ve only got a few days left before our big competition closes!

Big love,



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