A sunrise by my cottage when I was 17.

I love to hear people talk about what they are passionate about.

it’s like they suddenly vibrate at a different level, and you can sense with clarity that *thing* which lights their fire, which envigorates their spirit.

received a gorgeous email from helena today. my gosh i could barely breathe with my excitement for her ~

i love how words can take us on a whole other journey, to live a whole different life.

i could see her little cottage, i could dream of her bookcase of knick~knacks,

and my oh my, i could feel the way helena would change her little cottage to make it her own.

her own magic cottage.

“I love bookcases. We have a really tall one (2m or more) that is plain dark veneer.

Anyways we have filled it with many treasures.

Our fish and snails, our favourite books, bottles of wine and photo albums and photo frames and small interesting pieces of art.

I have been busy all holidays sketching up designs for our new house we have inherited a two bedroom cottage from “Alni” a station out at home. The people at Alni don’t want the cottage so they have given it to my family for free. So Ma and Pa are shifting it to the station for John and myself when we move out there at the end of the year.

Anyway I’ve been working out what we want the final house to look like (we are going to extend it in stages over a period of a decade as the money allows). I’m deeply obsessed about the design of buildings and cities. How people and energy flow and passive solar design is a passion of mine so I’m taking this all very seriously! But anyway in the design of our house I’ve integrated this bookcase and yes ~ I plan to build it out of chip board and paint it all wonderful colours!”