I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

For the very first time ever, on January 15th I’ll be CLOSING SALES for the 2021 workbooks & planners.

After Jan 15, they will officially be out of print and you won’t be able to purchase ANY of the 2021 range.

So if you’ve been thinking about ordering, make sure you ORDER NOW! Do NOTTTT MISS OUT!

I can totally hear you asking: “But whyyyyy Leonie? What if I want to buy them later in the year!”

I’m closing for two reasons:

  1. Most people tend to buy before then anyway!
  2. Self publishing this year has been fantastic and opened so many more doors in terms of product customisation and companion products BUT… It has added a huge admin load to my assistant’s day. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes with the workbooks that takes up most of her time, and we need to be able to move on to other creative projects!

So! The shop will close January 15th and it won’t open again until we launch the 2022 workbooks.

If you’ve got any friends or family who need the workbooks… make sure you TELL THEM TO GO BUY NOW (or buy them it as the very best gift ever!)

Righto… can’t wait to dream & create some goals with you!

Big love,


P.S. KNOW this is the busy season. I know you’re focussing on Christmas right now. I just don’t want you to forget to order before Jan 15. I don’t want you to email me on January 16th and say “omg but Leonie I forgot!” We absoloodely won’t be able to help… printing machines will be OFF. Don’t forget & order yours now.


Days left before 2021 Goal Getter planners are gone!