Baby Girl,

When I was young, I would read endless books by Enid Blyton.

My favourite series was her books about the Faraway Tree – a beautiful, ancient tree in the middle of a forest. On each branch there lived a different little soul – like dear old Moonface, Silky the Fairy and Dame Washalot. What was special about this tree though – the thing that was special was that the tree was so ancient, and grew so far above the forest that its topmost branches reached into the clouds. And in those clouds, there were new worlds. Every so often, the clouds would move, and the Faraway Tree would become the gateway to a whole new wonderful, wild world.

Lying down next to you today, I watched you sleep.

And slowly, slowly, you awoke, and your blue eyes fluttered open and closed again and again.

Oceans and love and stars and being.

Your eyes are the Faraway Tree, my love.

Each time you open them, I see something new, and there is a whole new world in there.

The thing I most want to say to you, precious Mermaid Daughter #1


Thank you.

I am so humbled and grateful that you chose us…

that you have gifted us with you.

With all of me, to all of you…

thank you.

Faraway Tree sized love and beyond,