Recently Isabelle Izard and myself sat down to chat all about writing, being an author and everything in between on her podcast The Writing Womb!

Isabelle put together a list of highlights (with timestamps and all; what a champ!!):

  • 03:14 The Goal Getter Workbooks are ready!
  • 4:25 When and why they were created, and how they became such a big success
  • 16:35 Why Leonie wrote her romance novella Salt, and her slightly embarrassing moment when she mentioned her 18+ book to students at her old high school at a careers talk
  • 19:13 Leonie explains that, for her, writing fiction isn’t that different from writing and creating non-fiction
  • 21:16 How long it took Leonie to write Salt (why it doesn’t have to take for ever to write a novella or novel!)
  • 24:11 How Leonie manages work, writing and motherhood
  • 26:06 ADHD, autism and writing
  • 28:23 Leonie’s 40 Days to A Finished Book e-course
  • 31:28 Leonie’s best writing tip

Ready to listen?

Click HERE to listen to a truly delightful chat about all things writing!

Prefer to watch?

Head on over HERE and give those eyeballs of yours a lil treat!

Big love!