5 Proven Tips To End 2016 With Your Goals Completed

by Leonie Dawson on September 6, 2016


Hola gorgeous souls,

What a bloody wonderful webinar it was this morning… with such great feedback from listeners too who seemed to love it just as much as I!!

Your replay is here… 5 Tips To End 2016 With Your Goals Completed!

Want the audio or the slides as well?

This is especially for you if you:

  • want to end 2016 with a bang
  • get back on track with your goals
  • make the most out of the last quarter of the year… even if 2016 has sucked total ballz for you till now!

Filled with honest stories, success secrets + practical actionables to do NOW to make a change in your life and biz!

what peeps be saying

Here’s what some of the gorgeouses from the webinar said after they got their souls lovingly cheerleaded + their hearts in action:



Want the audio or the slides as well?

And gotta say a big thank you to my main squeeze Mr Dawsy, for getting this converted + polished in record time today to get it all out to you…

Make some time in the next TWO DAYS to watch this…

Not another day shall be wasted in the land of no-goal-attainment!

High fives, sweet things!

Shine2016_Ad4 copy

P.S. Gentle reminder – only 24 days left to jump in before Academy enrolments close until later in 2017!

Don’t miss out lovely! Can’t wait to see you in there and support you to make your life + biz bloom!

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