Awesome August

Hi panda bears!

YAY! August! A big, miraculous month…

Filled with deep sharings, transformations + philanthropic giving…

Here’s the goods incase you missed any of it!

a post about hair

A Post About Hair, But Not Really About Hair

August. Sweet August.

It feels like a time of new beginnings.

I’m not going to lie – I’m kind of unable to really – July was fucking ROUGH. Intense and hard and lots of boundary setting and consequent endings.

And then there were moments of clarity and joy and promise too.

It was like watching both the destruction of something old and the birth of something new all at once.

And it’s a story I can tell with my hair.

It’s about other places in my life too.

But the hair is the story I am called to telling.

Read on here…

new course announcement_CheralynDarcey

New Course Release: Publishing Sensation Case Study With Cheralyn Darcey

Guess what? We’ve just added course #112 to our Shining Biz & Life Academy!

Discover how to get your book published by international publishing sensation (and Academy member) Cheralyn Darcey!

You’ll learn:

  • Cheralyn’s extraordinary publishing “overnight” success story
  • Advice for getting your book published
  • What to do if your book idea is rejected (and why that can be a good thing!)
  • How to keep going when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere
  • How to interact on social media for the best results (+ keep your sanity!)

The Academy is truly the place to be for all of your biz, life, soul and creativity needs. Are you a member? If not, what are you waiting for?!

Read on for more.


We held our Brilliant Boundaries Bootcamp session over at the Shining Biz + Life Academy!

We learnt about:

  • exactly what boundaries are
  • why they are so needed
  • how to install them into your life and business and
  • what to do when friends, family or customers don’t respect your boundaries!

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry chicken, the course will be available in the Academy very soon!

upcoming course announcement_EverydaySexGoddess

I am DELIGHTED to invite you to the LIVE unveiling of our new Shining Biz & Life Academy course…


This is an ACADEMY EXCLUSIVE course that we won’t be sharing with anyone but our glorious members of the Shining Biz & Life Academy! (Not a member yet? Sign up now!)



Leonie’s Scrapbook

We’re back with my latest instalment of Leonie’s Scrapbook!

Here’s how the last few weeks have played out…

I went to the beach and I cut off my hair and I had a writing retreat with my editor Tam

we went to the beach
and she taught us all she knew
all the things we had known
all along.

1 cold

I persisted with my regular scrapbook of sorts – taking a look back at the past couple of weeks. I wrote about Mr. Dawson’s boss + the videoshoot that turned me bright pink!

I need to warn you:

it is NOT that exciting. It’s been almost four weeks of non stop sickness in my house. I had a cold, then I got better, my kids stayed sick, then I got a throat infection.



I used to think
I was divine
Barely human
All that messy life stuff
Did not apply to me
I could see the stars and the moon and the sky
And the reasons behind it all.
It was easier and softer back then.

Read more here!


Leonie Dawson International Donates $10,000 To Build A Library In Vietnam

One of my BIG WHYs for why I do what I do is because I adore philanthropy.

I believe that business can be a huge force for good in the world and I love sharing the abundance I receive with the places and people and planet and animals that need it most.

Above my desk, there are the pictures of our eight sponsor children, plus all the beautiful thank you cards from organisations we are able to support.

It makes my heart sing with joy and it makes me weepy and it fills me right up.

It keeps me motivated to keep making big magic in the world.

Recently, we were able to make one of our largest single donations to date… a cheque to build a library in Vietnam through Room To Read.

I asked one of my team to write & illustrate the adventure for you so you could follow along!

Join us here!


Another week, and another good news story in Leonie-land…

This time about some beautiful work one of our Academy members is doing, and how we’ve been able to support them!

Earlier this year Leonie Dawson International made a generous donation of $1000 to the Rotary Australia World Community Service to support the Suluhisho Project in Kenya. HORAAY! Read more about it here! 

Photo on 16-08-2016 at 10.09 am #5

Love Letter – A Tuesday In August

I’m trying something new…

I just thought I might just start writing you love letters here… see how that feels… how it resonates with me and with you.

Join me over here!


Love Letter – A Second Tuesday In August

Trying this again. A little love letter.

Penned from me to you.

Where I am right now.

A little bit like the olden days of blogging. Or penpalling. Those are my favourite.

Read about it here! 

We launched our Smashing September Academy promo and I wrote about How to Enjoy Launches in the throes of it… IRONY! Read more about it here. 

Have a beautiful day, dearests!

Big love,

Canberra Photographer Shine2016_Ad7 copy

P.S. Don’t forget – only a few weeks left to enrol in my Shining Biz and Life Academy – my popular, powerful and proven training playground to grow your life and business!