In all the time I’ve been teaching online (eight years now!) I’ve noticed there are three different kinds of students.

And the kind of student you are is the greatest indicator of the RESULTS you will get from any course you will do.

The answer you give is going to dictate the return on investment you make from purchasing that program, and seeing any results in your life or business.

There’s three kinds of students:

  • Eleanor the Enthusiastic
  • Ruby the Reader
  • Ingrid the Implementer

Which one are you?

Let me explain…

Eleanor the Enthusiastic

Eleanor the Enthusiastic will sign up for the program, thinking just the act of doing that will solve all her problems. And she’ll promptly barely even open the emails or look at the content. And she’ll wonder why nothing – absolutely NOTHING – changes in her life and biz.

Ruby The Reader

Ruby the Reader will read everything in the program. She’ll pride herself on finishing it. But despite reading everything, she won’t have actually – you know – DONE it. She hasn’t implemented anything. She hasn’t ticked off anything. She hasn’t made any actual changes to her business. She hasn’t really filled out the worksheets. She’ll see minimal changes to her business. And she’ll wonder when on earth things will actually start snowballing for her.

Ingrid the Implementer

Ingrid the Implementer will do things differently. The Ingrid before doing this program and the Ingrid after doing it will be vastly different. Her very cells will have changed from doing it, because she read it, she implemented it, and her whole life and business changed because of it. She’s the one that will get HUGE results from investing in the course. Ingrid will:

  • book time to do this program into her calendar
  • actually DO the program in that time
  • highlight everything that she needs to take action on… and DO THEM!
  • won’t beat herself up if she falls behind – she just jumps right back on that wagon!
  • surrounds herself with other women who are doing the program and will use a mastermind to brainstorm, share her experiences, ask questions and help others
  • refer back to the program again and again for maximum results
  • have an accountability partner who she checks in with everyday to say “this is what I’m going to get done today!”… and then goes ahead and DOES IT!
  • gets into the practice of integrating and implementing a business tip EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY for the rest of her life!

Here’s an example of Ingrid the Implementer:

One of my favourite clients has a brilliant way of working through my programs: she prints them out. She gets a highlighter and pen. And she goes through it piece by piece, ticking off every single actionable item that needs doing. She says her program printouts end up very tattered and well-loved by the end of it. I adore what she said:

“You know, everything you said, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. But then I thought – well, Leonie knows what she’s talking about. So I might as well just do it and see what happens. And I did. And every single little piece of the puzzle fitted together. Every piece of it worked, bit by bit. And the compound results were amazing – I just couldn’t believe how much it changed my business!”

This is a client who when I first started working with her was making $2,000 a month from her side business… which is now a thriving million dollar company! There’s no mistake or coincidence in that – it’s because she is an Ingrid the Implementer down to her very cells!


To help you stay the course + get real results from your education investments… I’ve made you an Ingrid the Implementer poster to print out and put above your desk to remind you!


So, decide now.

What results do you want to get out of courses you invest in?

  • None
  • Minimal
  • Huge uplevel in revenue, profit and growth!

Once you know what results you want… you know the habits of who to follow!

Be warned!

Now here’s the thing… you may not be BORN an Ingrid the Implementer.

You DON’T get to say “Oh wells, I’m totes an Eleanor the Enthusiastic! LOLZ! Can’t change that!”

Fuck that. It’s not ingrained into your very DNA that you’re not an Ingrid.

It’s something you can CHOOSE, LEARN, PRACTICE… and recommit to again and again when you fall off the wagon!

So who are you going to be?

  • Eleanor the Enthusiastic
  • Ruby the Reader
  • Ingrid the Implementer?


To help you stay the course + get real results from your education investments… I’ve made you an Ingrid the Implementer poster to print out and put above your desk to remind you!


I can’t wait to see what miracles you create once you Ingrid it UP!

Big love,


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