Hola gorgeous Goddesses…

Every year I have a Dreaming Extravaganza in our backyard.

It started here, with the very first workbook and a pregnant belly in our little courtyard backyard in the city:

And a year later it was with mermaid hair and a sweet little 9 month old baby who mostly just chewed on my pens before wanting to breastfeed again in our tropical paradise that we’d just started planting in:

And this year, it was done in sprints with short hair that I’m oh-so-in-love-with & an incredible toddler in our backyard in tropical paradise that is slowly but surely becoming a sanctuary:

Imagonnabe honest here – I only managed to jot down a few more things onto my list before Ostara decided she really REALLY needed to “help”…

Seriously though.

Look how ridunkulously cute she is:


Yeah. I know. She totally IS amazing.

Ostara of the Light.

The one I have been waiting for.

Incase you were wondering, I really really love that button.

Even when I’m going a wee bit bonkerdoodles from attempting to do anything at all.

Mamas out there who understand the nature of that kind of bonkledoodlery, raise your hand.


I remember when we were pregnant,

and this doctor smiled this fond little smile,

and said

“Welcome to the cutest little time-consumers you will ever know.”

True story, mate.

True story.

It’s a constant balancing act to work out creative ways for all of us (me, my husband and her) to get what we need.

Right now, she’s with her Daddy-o while I’m out in the Creative Caravan tip-tapping this love letter away to you.

I’m typing away as quickly as I can because my time is almost up, and my love needs to finish a university assignment.

We are a tag-team of parenting duties.

“I’M IN!” “I’M OUT!”

So he can get the time he needs. I can get the time I need.

And she can get the time she needs.

And we can all do it together.

She is radiant like the sun.

Full burst.

I remember when we were pregnant, we would muse about what star sign she’d be – either Pisces or Aries.

My love and I are both watery, intense Scorpios.

And we decided that it would be better for all our sakes if she wasn’t Piscean – otherwise we’d spend all time crying over our hurt feelings together and our house would be an ocean of emotion. And it would be better for her to be a strong, sure-of-herself Arian goddess to contend with two always-right Scorpions.

So that’s what we got.

This incredible, fun-loving, Arian goddess with a HUGE energy all of her own.

And it couldn’t have been any other way.

She’s the kid we were born to have.

She (and each other) are our destiny.

Some days it’s a destiny that’s easy to soak into.

Some days it’s a destiny that makes you grow.

But still:


This year’s Dreaming Extravaganza happened under a wet season sky.

By the end, Ostara was running around naked

and I was running back inside with the laptop out of the looming rain

then running back out to chase a giggling toddler inside before the thunder started.

I love this land so very much.


You know, this is supposed to be a Dreaming Extravaganza! I’ve already shared about my Word for this Year.

So today I wanted to share with you one of the pages from the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook and my answer.

Oh wait… what’s that?

You can’t read all the scrumptious dreams on there?

Have no fear, typing it up into a cute list for you is here!


  1. Change my biz name to Goddess Leonie
  2. Change my middle name
  3. Meet a beefalo
  4. Have a NY intention party – DONE.
  5. Make a flipping amazing 2012 workbook folder for myself
  6. Make a Biz workbook?
  7. Get at least six five massages
  8. Make my caravan a sanctuary
  9. Have at least 12 11 date nights with Chris
  10. Find kindred spirits
  11. Grow my business sustainably, organically, joyfully & easily
  12. Get another pedicure
  13. Find another sitcom to fall in love with
  14. Be a SOVEREIGN woman.
  15. Find a pic or draw a pic of Ixchel that resonates.
  16. Read Ixchel’s story.
  17. Turn my book into a Kindle edition.
  18. Find REALLY COMFORTABLE resting positions.
  19. Have a night time soiree at Jodie’s.
  20. Make interesting things for and with Starry.
  21. Let go of APPROVAL needing. Yeah!
  22. Research Personal Power.
  23. Be happy.
  24. Get the fenceline how I want it.
  25. Have “theme” months of what essences I’d like to learn.
  26. More girl time! Women soirees!
  27. Put music I LOVE on my Mac & Ipod
  28. Enjoy meditating more
  29. Create monthly check in worksheets
  30. Change name over everywhere.
  31. Enjoy writing again.
  32. Get some Vibram shoes.
  33. Actually enjoy exercise.
  34. Heal Itchy Leg Syndrome.
  35. Do at least 25 23 yoga classes.
  36. Eat my own grown passionfruit.
  37. Find out who lives in the purple house.
  38. Have fun with Marissa.
  39. Make chocolate fudge.
  40. Go to the islands.
  41. See a dolphin!
  42. Learn how to make creme brulees… make it a date with the girls!
  44. Begin & finish second gratitude journal
  45. Baptise Ostara
  46. Ride a horse
  47. Have a dinner at Croc Cafe
  48. Go to concert or movie
  49. Have massages // treats regularly
  50. Have an adventure at Brandy Creek
  51. Eat green
  52. Go to sound healing workshop
  53. Make wall hanging with pockets
  54. Go to Mums & Bubs yoga
  55. Mosaic with Trish
  56. Have weekly or fortnightly Mama/Babba FUN & spirited & gentle gatherings
  57. Find my women’s circle here
  58. Have fun side projects
  59. Giggle + ENJOY LIFE!
  60. Have rest & vitality
  61. Do what I want
  62. Get caravan stumped
  63. Make caravan cool & comfortable when it’s hot
  64. Make another Instagram album
  65. Make wedding photo album
  66. Get wedding canvasses
  67. Grow watermelon or pumpkin in front yard
  68. Plant small shrubs in front yard & make a welcoming walkway
  69. Read or give away all the books in my book case
  70. Let greeting cards RUN WILD.
  71. Get so flexible I can bend my head to my knees
  72. Tell a stranger they look beautiful
  73. Redo kitchen
  74. Finish bathroom reno
  75. Get a bicycle!
  76. Create & release oracle cards
  77. Be a fun, loving, happy mama
  78. Read tea leaves
  79. Make more friends
  80. Be a good, loyal and in-communicado with my dear friends
  81. Play Bingo or something suitably oldishladyish
  82. Get a tattoo
  83. Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick
  84. Design my own awesome stickers that I ADORE
  85. Read “Women Who Run With the Wolves”
  86. Let go of CDs?
  87. Great Book Release Program continues!
  88. Continue paring back my belongings
  89. Check out Denise Linn’s Power Book
  90. Move home loan to another bank
  91. Put over savings onto our mortgage
  92. Eat allergy free
  93. Have Mackay adventure
  94. Read at least 12 11 books
  95. Reinstate Switch Off Sundays
  96. Stay aligned, centered and in progress
  97. Keep rebuilding my body & getting healthier, stronger & more radiant
  98. Die hair turquoise
  99. Decide on our next place
  100. Shag at least once a week


HA! What a way to end it off!

And THAT, my loves,

is the very best way I know

to make the AWESOMEST year of my life

come true.

Love + wild wild hope,

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