Hola gorgeous Goddess,

I wrote this post nine months ago… and just found it today, hiding out in my drafts.

What the? This baby needs to fly out into the world & change it already! Yay! On with the show!


Ya know, I think we often underestimate what we can do with our little ideas. What magic and miracles we can create by actually riding those wild donkeys & making the things that steal to us in the middle of our sleep.

I want to tell you a story.

A story of one little town. And the people who believe it can change.

Once upon a time, there was a little town.

It lived between fields of sugar cane. It had 4000 inhabitants, and most of them were related.

As a teenager, I called it a hole.

It was too tiny. Too far away from anything interesting. And far, far too normal.

So I immersed myself in my own little world. Of art and creativity and spirit and silliness.

And when I could, I moved away. I lived in a place and found my tribe of goddesses and hippies and artists and angels.

But I knew I’d always come back.

This is the place that has the songlines of my soul.

And yet… this lil country town of ours that we live in? It might be named for the Goddess Persephone, but it isn’t particularly hippy.

But for years, we’ve been talking about bringing the light here. And awakening it. Making it a thriving hippy town.

And it’s happening. It’s really HAPPENING!!!

Akiah‘s spiritual shop was the first to open two years ago. (Oh! And she’s selling it now to hand it on to the next custodian! You should totally move here & run it & I will buy you out of crystals + maca powder! YEAH!)

And in the past couple of months, on our little main street has BLOOMED.

A beautiful childrens/clothing/wooden toy store opened up next to Akiah’s. Then a Sound Healing place! Then a hypnotherapist/counsellor! And opening very soon is a yoga/massage/hypnobirthing place!!!

All on our tiny one-block street.

Ha ha ha ha ha… I am laughing so hard over this. Especially since we live in a place filled with farmers who haven’t even SEEN all the magic that is coming this way.

It’s gunna be glorious. It’s glorious now.

Oh gawd, it’s magnificent.

Anywaysies, a couple of months ago, our dear goddess circle sister Akiah Elan told me she was going to organise a spiritual market in a small park here. And that people were already excited.

“Screw the park! Take over the Entertainment Centre! Make it the North Queensland Festival!!!” I said, laughing.

And bless that brave, incredible, visionary woman… SHE DID. She hired the biggest hall here. And she got completely booked out with stalls!!!! And She D’Montford (a famous Australian psychic who was on the TV show “The One”) as well as other well known psychics decided to travel up for it!!!

And her tiny one-morning-in-a-park market turned into a two-day North Queensland Spiritual Festival in our huge hall.

And today was the first day.

It was precious and remarkable and perfect.

I had a stall for Goddess Guidebook. My sister was next to me with Angel Foods Gluten Free Cupcakes.

And the place was ringing with healers and readers and beautiful clothes and flowers and art…

There was people there all day.

My sister sold out of ALL her food. She’s now staying up most of the night to make more(!) for tomorrow.

I met so many beautiful goddesses.

The whole place was filled with the loveliest energy ever. I was BUZZING. So so sooooo excited.

I met a woman who has a tipi!!! YAY! And beautiful healer women! And instant friends!

And I got cuddled by a bazillion cousins.

And my Grade 5 teacher came to my talk about Goddess Persephone and said to me “Miss Leonie, you have not changed one bit.”

And I got gooseybumps all over me… knowing that this is just the beginning.

I totally picture the festival taking over our showgrounds and becoming a giant festival with music and a healing circle and labyrinths and a maypole and events and everrrrrrything… ya know? where people camp & disappear into the folds of magical land for a time…

Anyways… can I just say today was MAGICAL?

So much more profound than I even expected?

Anywaysies… we cleared up today, and I drove the couple of minutes home. Got home, kissed my love, scooped up Ostara….

and our house started shaking.

At first I thought it was just heavy machinery driving by.

But then the floor kept shaking and our windows rattling. I thought someone had driven into our house.

And I ran outside to see what had happened…

and there was nothing. Nothing but blue skies.

And all our neighbours came out… and they’d all felt it too.

An earthquake.

A flipping EARTHQUAKE.

Just so ya know… we don’t GET earthquakes here. Australia is one of the least earthquake-prone places in the world. We aren’t on the edge of any fault lines. And as for Proserpine? No one can remember there ever being one here.

And all I could do was laugh and smile and think in my head…


“I knew today was powerful… but an EARTHQUAKE????? Woah!”


It felt very shifting and cleansing… like the earth had cracked open to let the light in.

Old ways out, new ways in.

And I am so happy and proud to be here in the midst of it… bringing light wherever I go…

Just as you all do.


Tomorrow is a new day. New magic and miracles to be made.

Right now, I’m going to kiss my love & speak deep soul words with him. Connect, ya know?

Then I’ll go to bed, and kiss my angelic owl daughter, she who is as bright as a star.


Don’t underestimate where your little ideas may take you.


They might just be earth-shaking.


Make miracles happen.


All my love,



I have absolute faith that things are changing, and they are all good…

And all we need do is just turn up and do our work and shine our
light, you know?




My stall!

I adore these two!!!




Ostara, me, my beautiful sissy-in-law Sharne & Ostara’s cousin Paige.


My gorgeous sissy the cupcake goddess!!!


Ostara hanging out with her Centaur Grandfather.



Six months later, we had the second NQ Spiritual Festival.

And guess what happened?

Our second earthquake ever, just five days before the festival opened.

Two earthquakes. Two festivals.

Totally earthshaking!

Life = awesome!


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