Hola gorgeous goddess,

Day 8 of 17 Days of ZING.

A quick one today, because this zennifying goddess needs to go to bed early for once, and do some meditating with her eyes closed in bed. Sleeping TOTALLY COUNTS as meditation, my darling goddess sister. Tis true.

I sometimes meditate for NINE HOURS A DAY.

Meanwhile, I’ve been travelling in my dreams lately. Once every few moons, I go travelling in my dreams for a few nights. I wake up feeling way exhausted because I’ve been out globe trotting, visiting goddesses, teaching & learning.

And whenever I have these wild-dream-nights phases, I always, ALWAYS hear from goddesses all around the world. About how I visited them in their dreams!

Here’s two of my favourites from the last couple of days:

Watched LOST before bed inspired dream in which I asked @fabeku + @goddessleonie how to kill smoke monster. Their answer: sunshine + unicorn. Also, @goddessleonie said “the purple powder from a unicorn’s horn” #weirdlyvividdreamaboutLOSTandTwitter.
(from the scrumptious Blonde Chicken on Twitter)

I had a dream last night that you came to Columbia, MO United States and hung out with Maggie Ann Bishop and me. You cleansed our energies and made us feel new. It was the coolest dream ever!!!
(from the delicious Carli!)

Moral of story? Please tell me when I come avisiting your dreams! They totally make my day/night!

Now where was I? Oh yes. Meditating. For exactly 1 minute and 59 seconds or something. Because bed is calling me, and I was having an Eat-Pray-Love-meditation-cave moment.


Meditation rocks.

When we don’t put stupid annoying rules on it.

Off to go meditate behind my eyeballs.

Love you hottiecakes,