Daisy Mabel Art by my darling goddess circle sister Mel is incredibly spellbinding. I’ve been in love with her work since she first took my Creative Goddess e-course… but her new series on mamahood has made me swoon. I am over the moon in love with them. She honours and celebrates that sacred, wordless, intimate place in my heart where mamalife resides.

Mel is the mama of five(!) beautiful souls.

It was only after we connected through my e-course that we discovered that she is not only best friends with my doula! But she also gave birth in exactly the same birthing room at Canberra Hospital as I did! Helllllloooo divine synchronicity! I love love love that our birth song was sung in the same space… I get this beautiful vision of our songs reaching out to each other, to send love and power and courage and compassion to each other as we underwent mama initiation.

*happy sigh*

Go fall in love with her like I have.

I’m so grateful to her for sharing her incredible gifts with the world… with my world.

Love like the moon,