Because I always have hilarious ideas in bed.

And I heart fun fully sake {sacred} challenges!

Starting November 1, there’s going to be ze 17 Days of Zing!

17 days of doing the Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying Meditation.

November is kinda bonkadoodles for me.

It’s my birthday, and my love’s birthday, and I start getting Christmas-ready… and it’s always just full on.

Lovely, but full on.

So I’m taking it back! Zennifying goddess style!

I’m going to do the 5, 10 or 20 minute meditation everyday.

You can join in if you feel like you need some de-bonkersifying & more sacred ahhhhhhhh {the exhale, not the scream. hee!}

You can grab a HDUDZM (ha!) kit for $25 buckeroos, otherwise Goddess Circle sisters of course get it {and everything else I make} for fweeee with their membership.

I’ll post here along the way, and share over at ze circle as well… as I turn November into something less bonkadoodles & more gentle, kind & zennifying.


Ohm on, hottie cakes!

love you!