Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!


Tis the season to be dreaming… setting our intentions for the year ahead using the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook.

As part of our 2012 Dream Extravaganza, I wanted to invite some gorgeous friends to share some of their filled out pages from the workbook & what they were dreaming of for 2012. I get SO inspired hearing other people’s dreams + plans!



Thien-Kim Lam is a mama to 2, a night owl and a modern Rennaissance woman.

She blogs about foodie obsessions and the creative journey as an artistic mother at Cup of Creativi-Tea. She especially loves cutting up old clothes and upcycling them into cool new stuff! She shares her multicultural parenting experiences at I’m Not the Nanny. And she runs a virtual book club of over 100 bloggers at From Left to Write.


2012 Dreams of a Renaissance Woman


I finally took the plunge this year and cracked open the Goddess Workbook. I’ve always had many interests from crafts to cooking to writing to empowering women in the bedroom. Last year I felt so unfocused. I tried to do too many things without a plan. I was so stressed last year.

This year, I have Leonie’s beautiful workbook to guide me through 2012. Earlier this month, I found myself with some quiet time (hard to come by with a 2 year old and a 6 year old) and dove into the workbook with sips of grande mocha in between pages. My word for this year is ASK. Last year I just floated from project to project that came my way. This year, I’m being proactive instead of just reactive.

Working from home means a lot of coffee, tea and late hours at my desk. I don’t mind the late hours because it means I get to be home for my incredibly active toddler and pick up my daughter from the bus stop every afternoon. I wrote my Magnificent Mottos to help me power through my late nights and early mornings.

Thien-Kim 2012 Goddess Workbook: Magnificent Mottos


My journey as an artistic mother can be tricky to balance juggle, so I’m sharing the pages from the goddess workbook that will help me focus on family.

Thien-Kim 2012 Goddess Workbook: People & Places

For my family, this year is all about dates. Date nights with my hot husband. Mother and daughter adventures. Dates to see Broadway shows. I should reward myself and my family after all that hard work!

My big dream this year is the beach. As soon as I read the instructions for the birthday celebration page, I immediately knew what I wanted.

Thien-Kim 2012 Goddess Workbook: Birthday

Palm trees, sandy beaches, and we can’t forget cocktails with paper umbrellas in them. All surrounded by my gorgeous family. Funny thing is, until I complete the birthday page, I forgot that the beach was on my 100 Things To Do in 2012 list.

Goddess Leonie workbook

That’s the universe working. And Goddess Leonie’s inspiring workbook to pull all my intentions in one place. Time to fill out the rest of my 100 things list so the universe can do its magic.

2012 is going to kick butt!


I’m SO excited to have Thien-Kim as a new friend & Goddess Circle sister. Her enthusiasm for life is totes infectious (like a good disease!)


Happy dreaming!




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