Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!


Tis the season to be dreaming… setting our intentions for the year ahead using the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook.

As part of our 2012 Dream Extravaganza, I wanted to invite some gorgeous friends to share some of their filled out pages from the workbook & what they were dreaming of for 2012. I get SO inspired hearing other people’s dreams + plans!


Today’s gorgeous goddess sharing her dreams is Molly Mahar, a ridunkulously joyful goddess. Leonie hearts her!

Molly is the founder of Stratejoy, a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women the tools, strategies and camaraderie to lead authentically joyful lives. She is a full-time coach, facilitator and creator of the online Joy Equation Course and Joy Juice Prompts. Molly helps women live life on their own terms, celebrate their worth, and change the world through individual fulfillment.

Take it away beautiful Molly!


The 2012 Dreams of a Joyful Goddess!


I completed my first Goddess Workbook just last year, tucked away in my cabin on a river in the woods of Washington State. I woke up every morning for weeks, drank tea or rich coffee with cream, and dove into a few pages at a time.  Once my visioning was complete, I created a vibrant vision board for the cover and got the whole thing bound at my local copy shop, because I didn’t want it to languish in some drawer, unseen for the rest of the year.


I became so attached to my workbook that I proceeded to carry it around with me — during a 2 month road trip up the west coast of the US, on a wonderful girls trip with my momma and sister to Greece, on a major move with my husband to sunny San Diego — and the rest of the time it lived on my alter with my meditation books and Louise Hay intention cards.

My Goddess Workbook reminded me of my theme for 2011: Joyful Devotion.  It was the juicy catalyst (and steadfast proof) of my very first ever experience of manifestation!  It kept me both grounded and dreaming big over the course of a year that saw many changes: a big move, major business growth, and new pregnancy.

I started the year with deep reflection and a dedication to writing through my complete of the workbook.  And it continued throughout the year as one of my highlights of 2011!


Joyful Devotion reminded me to take my gifts seriously, with loads of belly laughs and sparkles and extra doses of *Molly* in everything I created.  I treated Stratejoy like the soul-filling and life-supporting community that it is.  I played hard — gathering with friends, new and old, treating myself to exploration day trips just for the heck of it, and lots of time snuggling with my husband.  I did my best to balance Joyful Devotion in my workdays, as evidenced by all the coaching and creating that took place on my sunny deck with minty lemonade in hand!


Of course, the year wasn’t a total walk in the park…  Rarely does that happen in real life, eh?

As I started my reflection for the 2012 workbook, one of the pieces I noticed was a whole lot of anxiety around change this year.  My husband started a new business.  We moved to a city where I only knew 2 women.  I found out I was pregnant (super hurrah about this news in general!) and felt very alone in my new home, without my family and friends from Seattle to share in the daily joy of growing a tiny human.  I spent a lot of my time and energy trying to control things that were beyond my control last year and knew that this feeling would play into my theme for 2012.

There’s going to be loads more big change this year, and though I want to continue to be joyfully devoted to my life and business, my word needed to reflect a calming, a gratitude, and an adoration of my truly lovely life.


Treasure.  It’s my perfect answer to the question “What is it time for?”

And there’s more!  Some of the highlights from my 100 Things to Do in 2012 List (one of my favorite parts of the workbook!)

  • Give birth to a tiny boy person
  • Launch the Fierce Love Course
  • Read in the sunshine as often as possible
  • Get another tattoo
  • Paint without worrying about the final product
  • Buy a piano
  • Be brave
  • Have more hot sex
  • Skinny dip in the ocean during a full moon
  • Enjoy every moment of being a mama
  • Bake pies and eat them with french vanilla ice cream
  • Love hard


I’m still working on my vision board and finishing up my workbook, as I always give myself the month of January to take my time really working through it, bit by bit.  But you better believe it will be toted around just as lovingly this year, in the midst  of all the madness.  I’ll be reading it out loud to my swelling belly.  It will be my reminder to Treasure my world.  It will be proof of my power to create a world of my own imagining.  It will be my totem to remind me of what I’ve declared important and scared for this year.

Thank you, Leonie, for reminding all of us to take pause in our crazy lives and reflect.  To celebrate.  To dream big and then to actually make it happen!


Mega inspiration central!
life = radtastic + moon blossoms,


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