My loves,

My kids are back in school after 7 weeks off. I feel like I say this all the time, but I really do love having them home on holidays. We’re just SO GOOD at slothing about together, playing games and making art.

We’ve also been working on a big group project patchwork graffiti style artwork that their friends (and even one of their friend’s mum!) added to. There’s still some more to add to, but gosh it makes me happy.

(The dragons are from my Wings of Fire obsessed 9 year old! She loves doing enormously intricate dragon drawings 🐉 while she listens to the audiobooks.)

Now they are back in the land of school, I’ve been spending time reviewing my last year and getting clear on my vision for 2024. I’ve even taken on an enormous project of going back through all my goal workbooks since 2010 and colour-coding all my business stats and major projects into one enormous spreadsheet. I feel SO LUCKY that I’ve got these as reminders of the different lessons, energies and cycles in my life and business for the last 14 years.

Here’s what my office floor currently looks like:

As part of my review process, I’ve been reflecting on my best investments I made in 2023. And I thought I’d share them with you incase they help you too!

Leonie’s Best Investments of 2023

✨ Committing to regular intuitive healing/coaching

Part way through 2023, my beloved goblin assistant and a dear friend staged a wee invention on me. They lovingly told me that they could see that I was struggling with my mindset, and was tying myself up in knots. They asked if I needed to return to therapy or do something different to get out of my spirals. I talked it out with them and shared that I’d tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in 2022, and found it had made me obsess even more over my problems.

That’s when my brilliant goblin assistant made terrific use of her Psychology degree, and told me that CBT was gold standard for neuro TYPICAL people, but NOT for neurodiverse people. She asked me what had helped me previously, and I told them that I’d always found intuitive healing and positive psychology with trusted practitioners like Hiro Boga and Kerry Rowett enormously useful. I’d previously done 10 years of committed work with them, but had taken 5 years off from it. Goblin girl Zita recommended I start doing it again and see if it helped again.

So I dived back into fortnightly sessions with Kerry Rowett and it’s made an enormous difference. Some of the most illuminating moments and insights from the past year came from my sessions for her, and I feel so much more like myself again. And I made hundreds of thousands of dollars more from the ideas we came up with, and the work we did in those sessions so I wasn’t so stuck and afraid! HOORAY!

🏆 Applying for awards & going to conferences!

I’m such a hermit that I don’t often travel for work or go to conferences. This year I committed to applying for business awards & I spoke at TWO conferences as well. It all became some of the biggest highlights of the year for me!

Definitely making it a priority to continue applying for awards & going to more conferences!

🧺 Getting my laundry done for me!

At the start of 2023, my love approached me and said:

“Hon, I notice you really struggle with doing your laundry. You leave it for weeks, then have to spend a whole day doing laundry, and you’re super grouchy and stressed that day. Have you thought about just getting a laundry service for your clothes?”

(I should note here: I don’t do his laundry. He has always done his own.)

I had a search around, and found an Australian service called The Laundry Lady. You can book online, and someone will come to your door to pick up your washing. Then they return it 24 hours later washed and folded (and even ironed if you want).

It’s been by far the best act of self care for me and has reduced so much of my ADHD overwhelm and stress. I feel so taken care of when my laundry returns cleaned and folded!

🧹 My robot vacuum/mop

Along the same lines, I love my robo vac/mop. I don’t love having cleaners in my house from an energy and ASD front, so having a wee lil robot fairy is magical.

📖 Doing a COO Accelerator program with my goblin

In 2023 I realised that I’d done a tops job at helping my goblin/assistant train up on all the skills I’m good at: copywriting, marketing, launches etc. But I couldn’t train her on the skills I’m not as good at: hiring, managing, stats, systems.

She’s been working with me for over 6 years starting as a Customer Service Virtual Assistant (VA) and over the years she’s grown into my Online Business Manager (OBM). It felt like the next right thing was to help her train up in the areas I’m not as great at. She was keen, so we did a hunt around and asked for recommendations, and ended up enrolling in Laurie Stirling’s COO Accelerator program

Laurie was also open to me and Gobbo (aka Goblin aka Zita) to work through the program together and it’s been BRILLIANT. It gave us such a good framework for both of us to build our skills, set up more systems and have important conversations to get on the same page. I feel like it’s set us up for even more success in 2024.

🎉 I’m ready for 2024 🎉

I feel like I made some good investments in 2023, and am excited to keep doing the work in 2024.

My priority for the next year is to continue making the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy the most incredible resource for all our members. We’ve got 48 new trainings being added into the Academy plus I have more ideas percolating. It feels so lovely and exciting and sustainable all at once. What a blessing and what a relief!

I also have some new dreams for free content to share with you… including heading into a gorgeous podcast studio to create a video podcast with one of my darlingest friends. More inspiration, fun, love and wisdom coming your way!

Thank you for being here, sharing this magic journey with me.

I’m so very, very lucky!

Big love,