My queens!!!!!Last year, I decided I wanted to really celebrate & document all the wins in my life and business. The small & the big! So I made myself a handy dandy rainbow poster (you can see it here) to hang over my desk. I’ve been filling it out when the miracles & magic fly in & it’s brought me SO MUCH JOY. It’s so nice looking back on it a year later, filled to the brim with all the things I can be most proud of.

I’m keeping the tradition going… so I made us all a handy dandy 2024 Wins poster. You can print it for you to hang over your own desk, or pop in your goals workbook or fill out on Procreate! Whatever takes your fancy… as long as you’re celebrating!


Right click the image above to save it as an image or you can click here to download it as a PDF (as my millenial assistant likes to sing: 🎶 it’s the beeeest of both worlds 🎶)

I can’t WAIT to see what you create with this!Imagine looking at this filled up with goodness by the end of the year… celebrating every lovely and miraculous thing that came your way! You will feel SO PROUD.Just as you deserve to be.All my love,