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A fabulous and radiant goddess asked this question:

Dear Goddess Leonie,

I’ve been reading a lot from various sources about space clearing, and would like to do some in my space to prepare for the coming winter.  (I live in the U.S.)  Most of what I’m reading suggests smudging with a smudge stick or incense, either as the main means of space clearing or an integral component.

The thing is, the other people in my house have allergies and asthma, and are thus sensitive to smoke and certain scents, as am I, though to a lesser degree.  So my question–and maybe a question others may have but are afraid or unwilling to ask–is, are there other methods for space clearing that are as effective or similarly effective as smudging with a smudge stick or incense that would be friendlier to those with allergies/asthma/other breathing problems (i.e. COPD, emphysema, etc.)?

I thought I would ask, because I thought that if anyone would know it would be you, or, at least, anyone in my acquaintance.  Please don’t feel pressured to answer or to be in a hurry about it.  I just thought I would put the question out there.

I hope this finds you and yours well and happy!

Love & ((Hugs)),

Thank you for this lovely question! And yus… space clearing is such a beautiful thing – and there are so many ways you can clear without smudge sticks or incense.

There’s a whole bundle of ways that I used to teach in the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course – including sacred sound, crystal gridding, feng shui and angel protection… (The e-course is finished for now… and I’ll eventually create something new with the same tools.)

But for right now, let me focus on one of the simplest and one of my most favourite methods of space clearing: Sprays.

Sprays=space clearing goodness

One of my favourite sprays is what I now call Puppy Calm.

Once upon a time (when we got Angel-puppy earlier this year), in a land far, far away (our house), Mr Lord Hottiecakes

(Chris) decided to research ways to calm doggies down, to help Angel settle in to having a new home, and Charlie settle in to no longer being Prince of the Castle.

He made up a spray bottle of water and lavendar oil and labelled it “Dog Calm”, and whenever the puppies got tense or grouchy, he’d spray it on their backs, and pat it into their fur. And they really liked it. And so did I. hee hee hee 🙂

I’ve taken to spraying Puppy Calm all over the house… it cleanses the air beautifully, leaves everything smelling so soothing and restful, and is all round just glorious. I love lavendar so much that if I was a bee, all my honey would be lavendar-tasting. I love lavendar so much that if I was a fairy, I would hang out at the lavendar bush all day, and make my fairy nest between two lavendar bushels. That’s how much I love lavendar.

Make your own sacred sprays

So Puppy Calm is my standby space clearer… it’s water with about 10% soluble lavendar essential oil in it. Make some of your own. Call it Goddess Calm if you like. And spray, spray, spray.

You can also make your own sprays using any essential oils that sing to you. (If you are a pregnacious goddess, be careful which oils you use – lavendar is usually safe for low-risk pregnancies).

For an extra zing of sparkly clarity goodness, pop a piece of crystal in your spray bottle in the water.

And for a double extra magical-zing, label the bottle with the intention of what you’d like to feel from the spray i.e. Calm, Peace, Magic, Goodness, Light, Joy.

Pre-made sprays

I also keep a few pre-made sprays on hand to keep our space flowing gorgeously.

Australian Bushflower Essences Space Clearing spray is completely perfect for space clearing. I also use their Calm and Clear spray.

And the lovely Mama Goddess Birth Shop sent me some of their Calming Spritzer to try out which I completely and utterly love.

Hope this helps, dearest heart… and let me know any gorgeous space-clearing, goddess-soothing concoctions you come up with!

Big love,

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