I thought it would be fun to create a menu of ideas for ways to create money. Abundance really is everywhere, and the possibilities are magical. Here’s a list of ways you could create a bit of extra cash, have a side hustle or create a booming business.

50 Magical Money Making Possibilities!

  1. Design and sell tshirts on TeeSpring.
  2. Sell your expertise on Clarity.fm.
  3. Become an expert on JustAnswer.
  4. Private label products and dropship on Amazon. (For example: you buy wedding ornaments, then sell on Amazon. Amazon houses and ships for you!)
  5. Host international students and be paid (using services like OzHomeStay or Student Accomodation Services Australia).
  6. Become a Virtual Assistant.
  7. Rent out your room, house or tent on Airbnb.
  8. Let people camp in your backyard (or land) using Gamping, Youcamp or Hipcamp.
  9. Give people lifts using Uber or Lyft or Shebah.
  10. Do errands for people on Airtasker or TaskRabbit (I’ve hired people on here for random stuff and it’s the best!)
  11. Do online jobs through Fiverr – from social media, graphic design, illustration, voice overs, translation, programming and more. I adore Fiverr – I’ve hired people to create podcast music, give me intuitive readings and astrology readings, fix random stuff on my website, draw my husband like he’s a Simpsons character, research my family name – the possibilities are endless!)
  12. Postmates deliver stuff for peeps.
  13. Do food deliveries using services like UberEats, DoorDash or Deliveroo.
  14. Sell your art as prints and products at RedBubble, Zazzle or Society6.
  15. Take online surveys through SurveyJunkie.
  16. Teach courses on Udemy.
  17. Promote books, courses and software to earn cash with affiliate marketing.
  18. User testing with websites like Analysia, StartUpLift, and User Testing.
  19. Offer cleaning services locally.
  20. Tutor with Tutorfinder.
  21. Share a product that you love – from Thermomix to essential oils to makeup to clothes and build a network marketing business.
  22. Open a high interest savings account.
  23. Do freelance jobs through Smart Crowd, Clickworker and Upwork.
  24. Sell thrift store/op shop finds on eBay.
  25. Offer ironing services locally.
  26. Sell handmade arts + crafts on Etsy (you can also sell craft supplies on there!)
  27. Offer gardening services locally.
  28. Do online transcription at Rev.com.
  29. Use microinvesting sites like Acorns, Fundrise and StashInvest.
  30. Offer petsitting through Rover.
  31. Teach ESL online through Qkids, Dada ABC or Teachaway.
  32. Manage social media for businesses.
  33. Start a podcast (and then either sell advertising on it, or sell your own shit!)
  34. House and farm sitting.
  35. Licence your photos on Stocksy, Getty, Shutterstock or 123rf.
  36. Licence your artwork through Shutterstock or Dreamstime.
  37. Run a Kickstarter to fund a creative or entrepreneurial project.
  38. Be a designer on 99Designs.
  39. Offer babysitting services locally.
  40. Don’t forget that saving money is making money too – do regular expense reviews and see where you can cull!
  41. Call companies you currently have a subscription with and ask for a price reduction.
  42. Call your credit card company and bank and ask for fee reductions (say you’re considering moving elsewhere!)
  43. Sell art, prints or digital downloads on DeviantArt.
  44. Start a Youtube or Twitch channel.
  45. Do tasks on Mechanical Turk.
  46. Do email marketing with a niche newsletter (selling advertising, affiliate marketing or your own shit).
  47. Sell your old smartphone or older tech.
  48. Sell off extra shit around your house
  49. Write a book + self-publish using Kindle Direct Publishing
  50. Tutor, mentor or create a course on things you know.

Hope this has got you dreaming new ideas into life.

I love how many possibilities keep opening up to us.

The time has never been better to create more abundance!

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With love and abundance,