It’s important for me as a creative to make sure I’m consuming good quality creations… not just a mindless scroll of blabbering. Here’s my scrapbook of all the things that have fed my eyes, heart, brain & soul over 2022. I usually collect all the things that inspire me in my art journal… consider this my digital version!

Filled with things I’ve read, things I’ve beauty, things I’ve watched…

Get yourself a big ole cup of tea… this is a long one!

Visual Journaling by Rebecca Green

Sprring by Stephanie K. Birdsong

This is the calendar/These are the dates by Abigail Halpin

grace Farris parenting comic

How playgrounds work by Grace Farris

Colorful home office reveal by Charlotte Smith

A Squirrel painting party by Mary Ann Moss

grief comic by Ruth Chan

Grief is like butter by Ruth Chan

The annual self portrait by Rebecca Green

Before and after: the paint storage cabinet by Geneva Vanderzeil

pregnancy pillow comic by grace Farris

Pregnancy pillow by Grace Farris

Navigations by Abigail Halpin

by Gemma Correll

Flow chart by Grant Snider

She’s a bit much

Reasons I would survive a horror movie by Gemma Correll

Optimization by Grant Snider

I love their maximalist style SO much!

Koosje Koene’s Paris sketchbook is just gorgeous!

And because I seem to collect articles about fucking off social media, here’s a wee list of them:

And last of all…

A Poem for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life


May you stay inspired & deeply nourished by what you creatively consume!

Love always,


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