Hi gorgeous goddesses,

If it already wasn’t one of the raddest places to hang + grow your biz online, the Shining Academy is bursting with new content!

Recorded over three video sessions that span Day 1 of the Shining Retreat, Canberra 2016, the 7 Chakra Business Model is a powerful, profound in-depth workshop exploration.

In this intensive deep dive, you will learn:

  • what stage your business is at
  • what you need to focus on right now to move your business to the next level
  • pitfalls to be wary of
  • resources to help (and avoid)
  • how to avoid doing the infamous “Bird” maneuver which will render you stuck, procrastinating and inert!

Find out exactly where you are in business + what you need to focus on right now!

Featuring never-before shared stories from Leonie’s biz experiences, examples of real-life growth + success born from overcoming mistakes, this powerful workshop will inspire you to focus + grow, regardless of your business level.

Follow along to see where you are in your business + what you need to do to break through to the next stage.

Gain massive clarity on everything you DON’T need to do right now in your biz!

Learn where to apply your attention + energy for quickest results.

Listen as insightful Q & A sessions delve deep into common problems + aha moments for all businesses.

And most of all, get ready to get the inside story on what went down on Day 1 of the Shining Retreat, Canberra!

If you’re an Academy member, join us over here! Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

What Other’s Are Saying…

“Feeling so full & inspired & implement-y (that’s a word, right?). So, so good to be surrounded by such wise, compassionate & vibrant women such as the Shining Souls in the Academy.” ~ Melissa P.

“Amazing, amazing retreat! I have learnt SO much, I am so ready for the next step in my business and to move from the Heart to Throat Chakra!! I am so inspired to take action.” ~ Michaela M.

“It was an amazing weekend and I can not wait to cut the crap out of my business of being an author and focus on what is my business!!!! I was amazed at how relevant the information was to me and how it’s changed the way I will manage what comes next.” ~ Cheralyn D.

“What a full on weekend! I met some amazing women, found two accountability partners and got that kick up the butt I needed to go from the Heart to Throat Chakra. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I now know where I want my business to head, I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Katrina B.

“Thank you infinitely Leonie for seeing the value in a face to face event for your peeps! You’re a total dag, business savvy and ooze bubbling love wherever you go. Love you and what you do!” ~ Daniela M.

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet… there’s been a few big treasures I’ve shared lately… please do check them out… I am muchos proud of these creations!)

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