Gorgeous ones!

There are SOOOO many glorious ways to market yourself & your biz outside of social media and I wanted to create a reminder of that!
You can download your fabulous freebie below, but before you scroll on let’s talk through what each marketing idea involves!

1. Improve copywriting skills

Practice practice practice and education education education are the best ways to improve your copywriting skills.

Investing in courses by copywriting & marketing experts is a brilliant and necessary way to hone these skills. I get that it can be daunting to hand over your hard earned cashy-cash, but if you do the work and implement everything you learn, you will see amazing results and huge business growth!

2. Improve your sales page

Do you have photos of yourself & any physical products you’re selling? Are you looking directly at the camera? Do you have testimonials? How many? Are they personalised or anonymous? Is it obvious what your sales page is selling? Are you using countdown timers, pop-ups & mockups?

Sales pages are VITAL, whether you’re selling an eCourse, books, candles, coaching sessions, literally anything and everything.

It’s so fucking important that potential clients, customers & super fans know exactly what they’re getting and the value of it.

3. Reach out to everyone you know, say what you do & ask them to share it with people who might need it!

Seriously babes, word of mouth is POWERFUL. And even if peeps don’t buy your shiz straight away, getting them onto your email list is worth its weight in gold!

And speaking of emails, have a peek at the bottom of the email you’ll receive when you download this free poster – you’ll notice I ask peeps to forward on the link to anyone who they think might need it.

4. Launch a new offering

People LOVE brand new shiny things! I try and launch one or two things (at least) each year, in between reruns of my existing eCourses.

It’s a great way to bring in new peeps and thrill your existing followers & subscribers!

5. Fill out my two page marketing plan template & tick off

You’ll need a membership to Marketing Without Social Media to do this one and babes, I highly recommend it.

Having a marketing plan that you can refer to for each launch is super fucking important. That way, you won’t forget any of your marketing tools and potentially miss out on a significant payday!

6. Collect & share testimonials

The best testimonials include are either a video or a written testimonial with a photo of the person, their name and links.

I remember speaking to a well-known copywriter and author. I asked her what she thought were the most important parts of a sales page were.

She replied:

Three things.




We laughed. It was true. I’d experienced the same thing in building my own multi-million dollar businesses.

7. Create a lead magnet

Like this poster! This poster is a lead magnet for my workshop Marketing Without Social MediaIt’s like lead-magnet-ception hohoho.

But in all seriousness you can use posters, eBooks, audio recordings, webinars, podcast interviews & blog posts as lead magnets or opt-ins to grow your mailing list and sell your products & services.

8. Send a newsletter

I send out one newsletter a week to my mailing list, and most of the time I’m not even selling something. I’m just stream of conscious-ing cool shit I found on the internet that month, writing about a creative project I’m working on, telling everyone about a new 21 day challenge I’m doing etc etc.

And if you’re launching a new thing SEND SALES EMAILS!

Phew, okay! I guess you want the download now, huh?


If you want more handy dandy ideas like this, oodles of helpful worksheets & jam-packed videos (starring moi, of course) that will fill up your marketing tool bag and support you in reclaiming your time from social media check out my workshop Marketing Without Social Media.

A brand new live run starts March 1, and nearly 2000 students have already joined and seen BRILLIANT results.

I cannot wait to see you there!

Big love,

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