Possum blossoms!

You might recall last week I sent out an email asking for all your questions for an upcoming episode of Leonie Dawson Refuses to be Categorised…

Well lovebugs, colour me THRILLED to announce that podcast episode is out now and is patiently waiting to make sweet, sweet love to your ears.

How To Listen:

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Here are the questions I answered:

Lorrie: How do you plan out your week?

Maya: Do you really only work ten hours per week? Does this include your arty work (or do you not consider this ‘work’)? What DO you consider work – how about learning and developing your business? Would love to know 🙂

Misty: If you had to build your community (and biz) from scratch in today’s current climate, how would you approach it? What would your first step, or top 3 tips be?

Celise: How do you work 10 hours a week without social media? Is this for businesses that are already established? I feel like, for someone starting out new like I am, I would HAVE to use SM right now to find clients.

Brittany: Did you slowly decrease posting on social media or completely stop cold turkey?

Nora: How do you deal with negative feedback and critics in the work field?

Sarah: How do you spend your 10 hours a week working?

  • What steps would you tell a new online business owner to take to start and grow their business?
  • What tasks do you delegate to your assistants?

Jasmine: I’ve literally just left my job to start life as a biz owner; what’s your number 1 tip?! What’s your advice for someone who loves creating and is scared of marketing?

Sunshine: Do you think you’d be where you are in your business if you HADN’T created the following you did in social media? 

  • Do you think people can use your Marketing Without Social Media and create the kind of results that could sustain a 1M+/year business if they’ve never done social media (or not done it to the level you have)? (I promise these are all asked in love – because I always wonder about it like the chicken and egg scenario.)

Rachael: What are your best tips for building a community of raving fans?

You can find the transcript of the episode HERE!

There’s still a tonne of Qs we didn’t get to, so if you liked this episode please let me know by emailing support @ leoniedawson . com (without the spaces, which we only do here to avoid spam bots. FUCK YOUUUU SPAM BOTS).

And! And and and. If you have a Q that wasn’t answered, you can totes magotes send one in! Just fill out the brilliant little form my assistant Zeets created here.

Last but so not least, Marketing Without Social Media is starting VERY VERY soon, so make sure you jump on in before enrolments for the live round close March 1!

HA! Look at this! So bloomin’ organised.
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