My beloved bubble tea joint gets a wee bit too close to the riverfront.


A lot happening in this part of my world. Feeling a bit full in my head, so I thought I’d plop it all out here.

  • We’ve been going through torrential rain and flooding for the last week. For a few days we couldn’t get into town, but town was flooded anyway. Once we could get into town, our usual 30 minute route to school over a bridge was flooded, and it took over 4 hours a day to do school run via the detour. It was… intense. Schools were cancelled on Monday, Thursday and Friday. We’ve had fresh food shortages and been cut off from supply deliveries. Towns north and south of have been completely under water, so we got off lightly in comparison. I’m so grateful that our home is okay. I’m so sorry for all the people who’ve lost their homes or lives. I’m deeply exhausted. Natural disasters really take it out of you.
  • I just looked at my to do list for the last week and I’ve only achieved… four very small things off it. Usually I do at least thirty. Holy moley, it’s been a rough week/s.
  • My tiny baby B turns 8 on Monday. EIGHT. EIGHT. HOW CAN IT BE? She is so very, very sweet and loving and she brings us SO much joy. I can’t even put into words how much I adore her and her funny, creative, kind, quirky spirit. I’m so glad she visited me in a dream and told me that I was her mama. After having my first baby, I was convinced for years she would be an only child. And then B’s spirit came to visit me in the night to tell me I was her mama. I became pregnant with her not long after. And even though my pregnancy was godawful, I’m so grateful and proud of the me of 8 years ago who sacrificed 9 months of her life to bring my baby here. It feels like a miracle that we got to have her and love her as much as we do.
  • We’ve been thinking of maybe moving back into town. Currently we’re on acreage out of town and as much as it was a big dream of ours, we are wondering whether it’s the right fit for our next stage of lives. Our eldest kid is just about to turn 12, and wants to do more things and be more social. It can feel a bit like hermit life out here which I get very comfy in, but my family might be needing more. Plus, we miss living five minutes from the beach. And we’d love to get a house with a pool after our time in a holiday house… my kids were just SO happy in the pool. We’ll see what happens, I’m trying to stay open to possibilities, and not get too anxious over the uncertainty. I keep chanting to myself: This, or something better.
    Also, I used to judge myself for moving so much, but now I try to be much more gentle and understanding with myself. I like moving! I like experiencing new houses and places! I like using the freedom we have to live anywhere we like!
    Plus, we’re not looking at moving across the country again right now. It’s more of a possible local move. Once the kids are finished school however? All bets are off. I’d love to live in England for a wee while!
  • We have Chris’ aunt and uncle visiting in a few weeks and I’m so looking forward to it. They set up their caravan in our backyard, and we pretend like we are camping out by their fire, but then we get to go sleep in our own beds. It’s the best. His aunt is like my kids’ fairy godmother, it’s so very very sweet.
  • Four more weeks until school holidays. I feel like I’ve barely managed to get started at work and have been consumed by ~ all the life stuff ~. An ill elderly dog, flooding, pandemic, schools being cancelled from pandemic & flooding, a depressive episode and catching up on life admin from two months of holidays. Ah well, at least my business continues to run pretty seamlessly with my capable assistants, and me popping in to do what I can when I can!

Thanks for listening my loves.

I’m so grateful to share this journey with you!

Big love,