I am SO excited to share the newest era of my podcast with you! For a while now, I’ve been dreaming of a new vision for my beloved podcast. It’s been amazingly successful already with over 150,000 downloads, but I wanted to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

I could see a vision of myself in a recording studio, doing it with a friend to make it TRIPLE the fun, and making it into a video as well. I knew straight away who I wanted to co-create it with as well – one of my very favourite playmates and dear friends, Madi Beaufort.

I met Madi 5 years ago, and she’s a walking heart on legs. Her joy, warmth & contagious excitement is a blessing to behold. So getting to spend the day in the studio to talk shit with her as we recorded podcasts? An absolute TREAT. 10/10 would do again.

We rented out Havana Haus in Coolum and had the most raucous day creating a batch of new podcast episodes for you!

I think this podcast episode (and the ones we’ve got recorded and coming your way) are some of my best work yet. Ridiculous, funny, deep and loving all at once. A warm hug, where you gigglesnort, and learn new shit about creativity and business, and feel like you’re a part of the most glorious circle of friends.

Also: it’s NOT one to listen to around kids. Pop those airpods in, babes. I’m NOT going to censor our swearing, and if we feel the NEED to fervently discuss what vaginas should and should NOT be called in erotic novels, then we SHALL.

In this episode we talk about:

  • 💗 Our swoony friendship love story
  • 🎨 My b00bs being a literal work of art (obviously!)
  • 🐎 Madi’s dreams of horseback riding in Mongolia
  • 🐄 My childhood as a cowgirl
  • 👯 The benefits of age-gap friendships
  • 🐚 The aforementioned passionate discussion of vaginal analogies
  • 😅 The biggest mistakes I’ve ever made (like my $100,000 Pretty Pony blunder).

You’re in for a wild ride, babes!

*SPOILER ALERT*: My smoothie (and my pants) meet their untimely demise in this episode. Because OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO.

Also: as much as I wanted to UPLEVEL my podcast, I couldn’t STAND the idea of having a fancy intro outtro jingle. So instead, I took a bunch of toy instruments, and every single intro and outtro we did was a spontaneous musical collaboration. RIDICULOUS. HILARIOUS. PERFECT.


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Here is the breakdown:

Introducing a New Era of the Podcast 0:00

  • New season and format of the podcast
  • Madi and Leonie: a friendship love story 2:42
  • Mongolia and a Long Way Home 4:53

Shared Dreams 5:45

  • Leonie, the cowgirl 6:04

Learning from Mentors 7:05

  • Age gaps 7:06
  • Business mentoring 9:36

Leonie’s Biggest Mistakes 10:49

  • $100,000 in missing revenue 11:00
  • The public book review 12:01
  • The smoothie incident 15:09


Madison Beaufort :(singing)
Leonie Dawson :Leonie Dawson Refuses to Be Categorised the podcost. Friends! Welcome welcome welcome oh
my god. Welcome to the brand new season. The brand new era of Leonie Dawson Refuses to be Categorized, the podcast.
Madison Beaufort :How exciting!
Leonie Dawson :I know! We are doing it totally differently like, Surprise, surprise! This time I’m just taking it up a level. Just I just want to do it up a level. New Era new evolution
Madison Beaufort :Elevating.
Leonie Dawson : Yes. Elevating the experience. Ascension if you will
Madison Beaufort :f we shall, if we must call ourselves gods and we shall
Leonie Dawson : Every opportunity. So I wanted like, I’ve been doing the podcast like three years, you’ve listened to it, it’s mostly just me just talking shit in the car. And I have been loving that and that’s really fun. But then I was like, I just ready for something new. And so I just had this vision of us in a space like this. And to be doing it as a video podcast, so if you want to watch this, it’s like a full fucking video because we have some shit on our heads. We’ve got some stuff going on. We’ve got it’s a whole scene.
Madison Beaufort :So exciting!
Leonie Dawson :And I wanted to do it not just by myself, because if I had to be in a studio by myself eight hours, I’d rather fucking die. Like I just get that cucumber out and just stab myself
Madison Beaufort : I thought you were going to say something else.
Leonie Dawson : I actually will
Madison Beaufort : It could be fun.
Leonie Dawson :It could be fun. It’s always gonna be fun.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah.
Leonie Dawson :And I wanted to do it with someone and so I brought my favorite playmate and one of my darlingest friends. Maddie Beaufort the artist. You can find her at Madison Beaufort Art.
Madison Beaufort : Yep
Leonie Dawson :On Instagram. You can find it’s Madison Beaufort
Madison Beaufort : Yep,
Leonie Dawson :dot com.
Madison Beaufort :All the things
Leonie Dawson : All the things
Madison Beaufort : Badass art of women.
Leonie Dawson :Yes.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah. Colorful, joyful. All stories. Oh, my God divine.
Leonie Dawson :There’s one of me and my tits. So…
Madison Beaufort : It is sensational.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah.
Madison Beaufort : It’s sensational
Leonie Dawson: And it’s one of your best sellers, so…therefore. Obviously
Madison Beaufort :Yeah. It’s gonna sell out after this. This is it.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah, yeah. If you find it’s it’s got you are the sun written on it in gold. We should put the link in the show notes.
Madison Beaufort : We should. Yes. Yeah. So everyone can have a shrine to you as well. So that would be beautiful.
Leonie Dawson :That’s all I’ve…
Madison Beaufort : That’s what my room looks like. It’s actually just you. I’ve got all these candles. Very seance-y. It’s beautiful.
Leonie Dawson : Makes you feel really cherished. Do you know what me? Like I’ve always wanted a bit of a stalker. So I mean…
Madison Beaufort : I’m so glad I can be that person for you. That makes me really happy. Awesome.
Leonie Dawson : So I wanted to share with everyone how I met the beautiful Maddie because we have, I love love stories. And I love friendship love stories.
Madison Beaufort : Yes. Yeah.
Leonie Dawson :And I think it’s fucking magical how like people cross paths and how they find each other.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah, and I love story is I feel like it’s magical. Like, you know, I never would have expected it to turn into this. And this is magic. So how exciting.
Leonie Dawson: It is. So we have been friends for five years now. I think it’s almost our five year anniversary. Isn’t that crazy?
Madison Beaufort :And I was like, 18 when we met
Leonie Dawson :I know I was so little
Madison Beaufort :just a baby.
Leonie Dawson :Just a baby. And Maddie was the assistant teacher in my kids classroom. And, and of course, my girls are obsessed with Maddie, why wouldn’t you be?
Madison Beaufort :They’re very cute. Yeah
Leonie Dawson :They are. They are They’re the sweetest. I’m glad that it’s like other people recognize that as well.
Madison Beaufort : Oh, you couldn’t possibly not.
Leonie Dawson :l know, thank you. Thank you.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah.
Leonie Dawson : And we didn’t, it was just like instant connection. We were talking. Yeah
Madison Beaufort :It was my first day. And you were the only parent who came up to me. And we were talking. Do you remember?
Leonie Dawson : No. No, I don’t remember that I was the only parent.
Madison Beaufort : The only parent and I was like, so nervous. Like, never done this before. And you came up. You
were talking and you like, I think you said like, what’s your like, number one like dream? Like, what do you want to do? And I was like, I want to go to Mongolia and you were like, Mongolia???!!! I was like, I was like someone else! So we had this like connection. And we’re talking about about some documentary or something.
Leonie Dawson :Yes.
Madison Beaufort: And I walked away and I was like, I’m ready for my first day of work. And it just renewed me with this like sense of like, I will be okay. I have this. I am regarded. I just sort of walked into the class and I was like, from that day on perfect.
Leonie Dawson : Amazing. Like my favorite like, I do remember that whole conversation. Because we were talking about you wanted to go like on a horseback ride.
Madison Beaufort :Yes. Yeah.
Leonie Dawson :And I’d read I’d watch this beautiful documentary about a dad taking his autistic son to go like to all Mongolian shamans and ride horses and it was just amazing. And then we had a shared love for Long Way Around.
Madison Beaufort : Yes, that the motorbike show! Oh my goodness. I haven’t thought about that and years. Yeah, yes.
Leonie Dawson :Because it’s like Ewan McGregor Charlie Boorman, and it’s one of my favorites. And you were saying, Oh yeah, I love after work like to go into the hot tub. And watch it. I was like this actually life goals!
Madison Beaufort :And live my best life and that hot tub. Oh, how dreamy I haven’t watched that in ages. Now. I’m going to be obsessed with it again.
Leonie Dawson : I know for sure.
Madison Beaufort :That’s my dream.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah,
Madison Beaufort :Like, one day, we’re going to be older. Let’s give it 10 years.
Leonie Dawson :Okay,
Madison Beaufort : and we’re going to be motorbike riding just anywhere. And we’ll look over each other in our leather jackets and say “We made it.” and then and then we’ll just keep going.
Leonie Dawson : Okay, beautiful. Okay, that’d be incredible. Yeah, I think we should do it on horseback though.
Madison Beaufort :Oh, well, you know, we can mix it up.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah, I was thinking
Madison Beaufort: like James Bond
Leonie Dawson: at very least, we should go do like one of those horseback rides on Noosa North Shore together.
Madison Beaufort :Yes, yeah. That’s my dream.
Leonie Dawson :Okay.
Madison Beaufort :Let’s do that. Please. I know. Because Leonie, you have a history of horse riding?
Leonie Dawson :Yeah,
Madison Beaufort :Yeah. And I love horse riding.
Leonie Dawson :You do
Madison Beaufort :You’re a real cowgirl.
Leonie Dawson :Yeehaw, yeehaw For anyone who doesn’t know I grew up on a cattle property. I started my first memories being on a horse’s back. I was maybe 18 months. Two years old. And then I was mastering cattle. By the time I was four years old, and spent just an enormous quantity of hours on horseback. And I feel really, really lucky. And on like, on some levels, I wish that my kids could have that childhood, but then I also just don’t wish them like the childhood. That’ll do it. Yeah, yeah. And also, I just can’t be fussed to doing anything physical like hard work. It’s not for me. I’m not that girly.
Madison Beaufort :Pilates is a stretch.
Leonie Dawson :It is a stretch.
Madison Beaufort :Yes.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, me and Mads would just like Insta-love. And we do have an age gap  between us, obviously. Well, like we’ve got how much between us? nearly 20 years?
Madison Beaufort :Yeah, I think so. Yeah.
Leonie Dawson : I’m 41.
Madison Beaufort :41. Yeah, I’m 24. So…
Leonie Dawson :Oh nice. Yeah, I think it’s like a beautiful thing. Because when I was your age, I some of my closest friends were in their, like, 40s. And there was like, just this crew  of them. And that was Deb. And there was Mr. Paris. And it was Emily, sir. And Donna. And they were just such wayfinders for me. And I was like, oh, that’s what it’s like to grow up and to live a good life.
Madison Beaufort :Yes. Yeah. That’s exactly how I feel. Oh, beautiful little mentor. Love it.
Leonie Dawson :And like, also, it’s like, was such a big thing for me, because I didn’t see my, like, I didn’t necessarily want to echo what my parents had done. Like, I wanted to do things differently.
Madison Beaufort : Yes, yeah.
Leonie Dawson : As no child has ever said before.
Madison Beaufort :None, whatsoever. Yeah, I know. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s so nice. I find most of my my people are a little bit older. And it’s so cool. Because they’re all you know, I feel you guys are all out creating something and really living it and so in your bodies and so in you’re who you are as well. And like that’s, that’s what I want to be I don’t want to do the messing around. I think. well I still do the messing around, but you know, like I really Yeah, I love being surrounding myself with people who are who are really just committing and loving it. Doing it. Yeah. I love ya,
Leonie Dawson :I love you. I’m so obsessed with you. So yeah, like, we started with the whole teacher’s assistant stuff. And then we just kept on developing a friendship.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah.
Leonie Dawson :And I hope it’s okay to say, but at some point, your boss did say to all of the people that worked at the school that you can’t be friends with any of the parents. And Maddie said, Leonie is too important to me. I’ll actually quit.
Madison Beaufort :Yeah, I did. I was in the meeting. And I was like, that doesn’t mean Leonie, though does it? And he was like, Yeah. And I was like, No. And I just, I just kept going with so. I well.
Leonie Dawson :It was like a friendship. I love stories too important.
Madison Beaufort : Yeah. Yeah. No
Leonie Dawson : Like no mediocre thing
Madison Beaufort : Yeah.
Leonie Dawson : And you’re not at school we’re not at that school anymore.
Madison Beaufort :And look, our friendship has lasted.
Leonie Dawson : I know and it will continue to prevail.
Madison Beaufort :Yes.
Leonie Dawson :I thought as well It’d be so fun because well don’t we get on house on fire? But also, you’re kind of like where I was when I was starting my business.
Madison Beaufort :Yes. And I love that you can like ask me questions and it’s like younger Leonie asking me those questions. Especially you know, this. I’m nearly two decades into my business. And to get to the point where I can be like, Oh, I kind of somewhat know some of the answers to this You know all the answers.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah. Even if it’s like… oh, who fucking knows?
Madison Beaufort :Yes, yeah.
Leonie Dawson :So too, because there’s never going to be an answer to those things.
Madison Beaufort :Yes, exactly. I don’t think I’ve ever come to you with like something and you’re like, I don’t know the answer ever. You’re just like, yes.
Leonie Dawson :Yes.
Madison Beaufort : Here’s the way to fix it. Or, you know, you just have that ancient goddess wisdom inside of you.
Leonie Dawson :Or oh you think that’s bad? Like, listen to that epic mistake I made and how much it cost me. Because that always shows
Madison Beaufort :Yeah, which is beautiful. It’s nice to hear.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah.
Madison Beaufort :I’ve never done things on that scale. You’ve done as well. So it actually makes me feel really good when you tell me stories like that. Thank you.
Leonie Dawson :Oh no, that’s totally fine. Like I just remember we went for a walk one night and we somehow got into a gated community that we shouldn’t have been in sort of a locked in there, but it’s okay, we made it out. And I was telling you about how I’d like had $100,000 Missing revenue in my business. And I realized it was because I got addicted to Star Stables which is is little Pretty Pony game. And so I was like, if you think you’re unproductive? Wait until you hear about my $100,000 Pretty Pony mistake. And we were just walking down the road just bent over in laughter.
Madison Beaufort :I still makes me laugh now
Leonie Dawson :It still makes me laugh I love making mistakes, because it’s so funny.
Madison Beaufort :Yes. Yeah. And your mistakes are great. And I think it gives everyone else permission. Like I think if I make mistakes somewhere I have to take them as unseriously as Leonie makes her mistakes. Do you know what I mean? I’m like, just chill about what mistakes I’ve not had any as funny as that one. But we’ll get there one day. I hope to have a Star Stables mistake.
Leonie Dawson :Oh babe there’s like heaps more because I do have a podcast episode it’s one of my most popular ever called The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Ever Made. and it’s really funny. But like, at one point, I’ll tell you like, I had my Goodreads profile attached to my public author story.
Madison Beaufort :I love this story. I tell this to people all the time.
Leonie Dawson :It’s awful and so funny. And I didn’t realize that when I was reading all this absolute real like gay porn on my Kindle and then I would write it that it will get attached to my Goodreads profile. And this went on for four years and people will get email updates about the fact that I’ve just like given two stars to Topping the Jock because because I didn’t think it was particularly well written. You know what I mean?
Madison Beaufort :Yeah, you weren’t writing it out of its…Yeah
Leonie Dawson :But like oh, no, but like it was horny as fuck. And obviously I just keep reading it because it’s horny as fuck. But then I can’t in good conscience give it five stars, when you’ve got like incredible like literary genius. But maybe I should’ve given it five stars…
Madison Beaufort : Did you write reviews as well? Like, were you like.
Leonie Dawson : Thank fuck, no!
Madison Beaufort : That would have been like, imagine everyone reading through. You’re like, you know what? The chemistry was good. But really the dicking down on page 78 could have been a lot better.
Leonie Dawson :But I just hated the way they just kept on saying throbbing member over and over again. You know? Like that sometimes they get real fixated on like a way to describe a cock.
Madison Beaufort :Yes I feel you. Yeah, I’m..
Leonie Dawson : Like and also just like vaginas. Can we just just call it just call it a pussy?

Madison Beaufort Yes.
Leonie Dawson :Just don’t start like start with this whole like velvet sheath kind of bullshit or..
Madison Beaufort :no no velvet sheath.
Leonie Dawson :No, Not for me. Not not. And also like, as a middle aged woman who’s given birth vaginally twice, like stop talking about tiny pussies. Do you know what i me? And like

Madison Beaufort Who’s talking about tiny pussies?
Leonie Dawson :Oh, yeah, just like the whole tight..
Madison Beaufort :Oh, yes.
Leonie Dawson  The hole is so tight kind of thing. Obviously, who needs it? I’ve got to just, why can’t we just…
Madison Beaufort :It’s a magical cave of wonders.
Leonie Dawson :That’s right.
Madison Beaufort :We want it as large as possible.
Leonie Dawson :That’s right. You can curl up in there.
Madison Beaufort :With a little blanket
Leonie Dawson :And it’s like, that’s right.
Madison Beaufort :And a TV.
Leonie Dawson :And it’s cozy. Okay, but it’s not tight. And it’s overrated.
Madison Beaufort :Yep.
Leonie Dawson :Yeah.
Madison Beaufort :Yes. I think we’re making really good progress. I think this is exactly where we wanted it to go
Leonie Dawson :This is a good start. I just want to be clear, like, we have like a rough, rough estimate of things we may want to discuss, but also the fact that it may go anywhere.
Madison Beaufort :Yep
Leonie Dawson :Yeah, and..
Madison Beaufort :How exciting.
Leonie Dawson :That’s how we like it. That’s how we like it. So I think like, I tell many, like they’re just fantastic books, like Letters to a Young Artist and Letters to a Young Poet and like, I want this to be that.
Madison Beaufort :Yes
Leonie Dawson :You know? So I think we’re going to finish it there and we’re going to have like just for something magical we’re going to have a little musical outro as well for our first time so let us gather our instruments. Fuck! Shit!
Madison Beaufort :Oh my god. Oh guys guys guys
Leonie Dawson :Our first incident
Madison Beaufort :Here’s our first mistake.
Leonie Dawson :It’s The first mistake I just had an enormous smoothie and it is now everywhere
Madison Beaufort :In this very very…
Leonie Dawson : Very very beautiful room. Very clean room.
Madison Beaufort :Very clean room.
Leonie Dawson : It’s all up my keister as well, all down my leg and I’m so glad I didn’t buy a bring bring in extra pair of pants. Who needs it?
Madison Beaufort : Musical outro
Leonie Dawson :That’s right. Proceed as you should…It’s a shit show! It’s a shit show. It’s a shit show heyeeehooo
Madison Beaufort :Smoothie on the floor!
Leonie Dawson : Fine!
Madison Beaufort: Fine!
Leonie Dawson : Yes, it’s fine. Yes there’s smoothie on the floooor! Ah-cha, Ah-cha Ahhhhh-chaaa

Let me know what you think!!! EEEEEE!!!

I’m so so so excited to bring this new era to you!

Love always,