photo from the Christo & Jeanne~Claude

Had to go to the National Convention Centre today for a work meeting ~
and as I took a stroll down the hallways to the bathrooms,
I gasped. Stopped.
There on the wall was what looked to be an original of one of Christo’s 1980 drawings for
The Gates, which has now opened 25 years later in Central Park, New York.
I was in spasms of happiness… Christo… it’s
What a find on the way to the bathrooms…


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Me, Lile and Deb.

Went to Montezuma’s Mexican resturant for lunch today with a rather extended crew ~
each had to say where they were born, their star sign and their greatest achievement…
where i can’t remember what they said, i’ll make something up.

~ Lile, born in Queanbeyan, a Virgo, who’s greatest achievement is not being barefoot and pregnant.

~ Deb, born in Sydney, a Libran, greatest achievement being her sublime self. As we speak, Deb has just had her head shaved to raise money for leukemia victims. I can not wait to see my new, beautiful, bald Deb with the biggest heart I have ever been blessed to know.

~ Nate, Perth born, Virgo, greatest achievement is moving across the country to Canberra. Nate is a blend of man and boy ~ he can transform from suave to teddy bear within moments!

~ Dave, can’t remember where born (sorry Dave), Aquarian, greatest achievement is finding his own men’s lib and saying NO when he needed to. Dave has an incredibly eclectic blend of quotes and images covering his desk and is going to a mountain rave party over the weekend!

~ Tristan, born in Oklahoma, Scorpio, greatest achievement being a fantastic Scorpio. It’s the first time Tristan has joined our jolly crew ~ I look forward to more encounters!

~ Zane, born in Home Hill, Qld (only 2 hours from my hometown!), Aquarian, greatest achievement is getting out of Home Hill.

~ Erin, born in Wagga, Sagittarian, greatest achievement is finishing school. Erin is the latest addition to our Colourful Cubicle of Love and Warmth.

~ Jackie, born in Canberra, Piscean on cusp of Aquarius, greatest achievement is having an uber infectious smile (I made that one up, but it’s true!). She also does scrumptious numerology readings and told me today that I should read SARK books.

~ Andrea, born in South America, Taurean. Whilst I can’t remember her greatest achievement I do know what her hope is for this year: to learn more from her father. I adore that.

~ and me. Born in Proserpine, Scorpio. My greatest achievement being wearing my own t-shirt. As of the end of the month, it will be having my own BOOK!

(Next time I must take a group photo!)

I love the stories of people. The way this small crowd was born all over the world, made their achievements, staked their claims, and met here in Canberra. Funny that “Canberra” comes from the Aboriginal word which means “Meeting Place.” For thousands of years, the Aboriginl Ngunnawal people used the area around what is now Canberra as a meeting place, possibly for corroborees.

And corroboree we did. With bad Mexican food and laughter and margaritas. Laughter so loud that there was a complaint from a woman sitting on her own who told the waiter repeatedly “but I am a SENIOR EXECUTIVE…” (She also made them remake her dish a number of times, between giving us withering stares)… Interestingly enough, we were too busy laughing to care…

Somedays you’re not going to please everyone.
So please yourself, in your own joyful way…