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Hola honeypots!

A million and one things to share with you… let’s play list posts!


Writing this to you with a snuffleufflegus nose as Mermaid Daughter is getting poured with kisses by her daddy and poppy bear… I’m sitting on a mattress on the floor of our cottage. Today our furniture arrives dearest hearts! And then this little cottage will feel so much more like home. As much as I have loved sleeping at the farmhouse and having my own mama make me fresh honey and lemon tea each morning… it’s time to be all together with my little family of Chris and puppy dogs (they’ve been sleeping on the floor here – the farm doesn’t have fences to keep our little fluffy puppies away from the road.)


The sugar mill is burning, and it is the sweetest smell in the world.


I found a funny book in my mama’s bookshelf last night – Through Different Eyes by Kachina Ma’an and Ammanna Dies. Kachina is a mentor of my friend Akiah who owns the spiritual bookstore here in Proserpine. I wish I could find a place online that sells the book, because it’s one of those OMG LIFE CHANGER books. I’ll have to nag Akiah to list them in her online store so people can actually get a hold of it. It’s been a long time since I felt that way about a spiritual book. You know those ones that come at exactly the right time and teach you lessons you’ve been wondering about for a long time? This is one of them. I even woke up at 4am last night to think about it. It’s like the Celestine Prophecy, but better. At risk of sounding like one of those spiritual workshop junkies who is on workshop-high (no judgement here, we’ve all been there! hee!)… IT WILLLL CHANGE YOUR LIIIIFE! But super seriously… it is fuelling me with a-ha’s and the enlightenment I was needing right now.


I got my first letter from the faeries – I signed up for a year of my friend Amy’s Post from the Faeries (password to get in is i<3fairies). And it was exactly.perfect. Just one sentence I needed to read: Sleep, dearheart. I carried the letter around with me for days wherever I went. I just needed to hear it (Also: for mama’s to be, she’s just released an ebook with reflexology cures for pregnancy + birth. Wish I’d had it when I was pregnacious.)


This morning we drove down to the beach. The sky was turquoise. The bottom of the mountains was hemmed with rain mist. The world was translucent green.

And I kept sighing this happy, long sigh.

I just feel home at last. I didn’t even know how hard it was to be away from this place. But I’m here and every cell of me is alive again. Like I’d been tensing little muscles, but now I am here… I’m fluid again. Relaxed. Like the world is a spa bath.

I don’t quite know how to talk about it.

I’m just in love.


Chris is hot. Haven’t mentioned it lately, thought I should bring you all back up to speed on ze issue. Hee hee!




Am I right or am I right?


I keep getting soul goosebumps as memberships pour in for Goddess Circle. Just the thought of all these amazing goddesses gathering… what sharings and spirit blossomings and miracles will show themselves over the next 12 months.

Also,a few more questions I keep getting asked incase you were wondering too…

When does Circle start & I get access to all my goodies?

September 1 it all begins!

When do I have to sign up by? Will it go up in price?

You can sign up whenever you like – I won’t be closing memberships. And no worries darlingheart, I’m not planning on putting up the price up anytime soon. I could get all fancy schmancy and have launch prices and cut off dates but you know what? My dream was really simple. Just have memberships for $99 and have a circle all year round. So that’s what I’m doing. I want it to be simple and loving for you and me. Sound good? Yay!

If I buy before circle opens in September, when will my membership last to?

I’ll count you as a September goddess, so your membership will last you a full full year until September 2011. Yippeeeee!

Will I get automatically rebilled for membership after a year?

Nopesicles. It’s totally up to you dearheart if you decide to be a member again. I’ll send a reminder notice but that’s all :)

Can I do part payments for the Turquoise Goddess membership?

If you are feeling uber called to be a Turquoise Goddess but can’t pay the full amount right now, you are welcome to pay for it in 2-4 installments before the end of 2010. Please note however that paying in installments means you get instant normal circle membership, but I need to wait for full payment before I can provide the rest of the turquoise goodies. If you’re feeling like you are one of the Turquoise Goddesses and would like to arrange part payments, just email me dearheart!


On Facebook ze other day, we were all opining over 1990’s d&m’s in an envelope (aka penpalling). So guess what? WE ARE BRINGING IT BACK!

I’m going to create a special group at ze Goddess Circle for goddess penpals to connect and start writing each other.

Oh I totally just cried writing that… special things must going to happen in that group… eeeep!


P.S. I am on Facebook here if you wanna add me and play!!


1o. Wherever you are at, DON’T WORRY. Energy is shifting out of this wild wooly stage and will get clearer again soon. Make decisions from September onwards. For now BE GENTLE.

Here’s me holding your hand and telling you everything will be okay.


Furniture has now arrived. It’s two days later. Now it’s time to play unpack a zillion boxes! Weeeeee!


A gazillion photos to come. Cables and puters and cameras somewhere in the box city here. Please imagine a photo of paradise. You will be close.

I love you I love you I love you,