Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It would totally be Creative Goddess Sunday if life hadn’t happened… but it did (Yay! We love that life happens!) and it’s now Creative Goddess Monday-ish instead. Whichever. It’s the day we celebrate all things creative & holy & wonderfully us here at Goddess Guidebook land.

But first…

I’ve got a million things abuzzing in my head. Like that my darling Charlie-Marlie the Happy Healer Dog got sick over Easter. And didn’t eat for three days. And couldn’t walk this morning. Luckily, we were able to get him in to see our sweet vet, and got him some extra healing goodies, and he’s feeling much much better now. Yay! Things just don’t seem right when our Happy Healer dog isn’t running amok, stealing toast & being his darling self.

I also want to give major kudos to my beloved hunkie, God Chris, who’s been up every night with our puking dog making sure he’s okay. What was I doing? I was sound asleep, getting in my solid eight hours, oblivious to it all. Chris is going to make such a wonderful mama when we have kids 😉

So that’s been the major part of our Easter – helping our healer heal.

I wonder if there’s any symbology in there, much?

Back to the Creative Goddess Projects! Hurrah!

Last week was the first Creative Goddess Project (Parts One & Two here). It was such a big and beautiful one I think I should have spread it out over two weeks instead of two days! So I think this week, we’ll connect back in on our Goddess Project.

The holy triad of the Goddess Project.

That makes me giggle. Anyway, the three parts of the Goddess Project:

1. Decide on your intention for your year

2. Create something to remind you of your intention

3. Share it on your blog & with the Comments Circle if you are called!

The Perfect Time

It’s the perfect time to remember what you want to create, experience and share this year. Easter is the time of New Beginnings, of Birth, of Renewal, of Miracles and Possibility.

(Dang, that sounds gooooooood! Leonie would like that in double helpings.)

What else?

I wanted to share with you an example of how this kind of project can work so deeply in bringing us what we want. A few years ago, my women’s circle created dreamboards together of what we wanted to bring into our lives.

Mine ended up being this turquoise-soaked ocean of images cut out from magazines…

here’s a couple of close-ups from it:

They were images of life, and earth, and of inspiration and magic. Mostly, it was an intention for me to reclaim myself, after losing my centre for a while. It was like a vision of celebrating spirit.

In particular, there was one picture I cut out that will always stay with me as being a huge miracle {you can see it in the top left of the above}.

It was an ad from the Victorian Peninsula Tourism peoples, featuring women walking along, laughing together in the sunset at a wine yard. For me, I cut it out as a symbol of wanting to spend more time with women friends.

I looked at that dreamboard every day, keeping it beside my bed, staring at its beauty, and remembering what it would feel like to have all those dreams come true.

Three months later, something magical and serendipitous happened, and I ended up flying to a women’s gathering and spent five days in gorgeous communion and women-sister space. It was completely perfect, and all that I had dreamed it would be.

It was only a couple of days later once I was home again, that I looked at my beloved dreamboard and realised the miracle. The women’s gathering was where? The Victorian Peninsula. And we were going to go a wine yard, but got decided instead to go to hot water spas & have a drumming circle.

We had become that picture of women at the Victorian Peninsula, laughing in the sunset.

What was exactly on my dreamboard came true.

So what do you want to experience?

Set your intention, and make something vivid & wonderful & true of what it is you want. What it is that makes your heart sing. What makes you want to live & breathe your wild, delicious, exciting, magnificent life?

Passing the Talking Stick…

I’m holding the space & energy of this project for another week – so if you’re called to doing it – you are so supported!

As always, you can take the talking stick in the Comments Circle & share about your Creative Goddess Project & what your rare, sweet, wonderful intention is.

If you’re blogging about your Goddess Project on your blog, you’re welcome to use the below image & code. Hurrrrrrah!

Creative Goddess avatar

<a href=”https://leoniedawson.com”><img src=”https://leoniedawson.com/images/creativegoddessavatar.png”><a>

You are precious & magnificent… you deserve it all!



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