She brings colour into the world Goddess Girl – to me, she sings of the flavour of Easter!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

No matter what religion you are or what spiritual tradition you hail from, there are beautiful ways to celebrate Easter and make it a holy day that makes sense to you.

As a woman who has made her own spiritual tradition to follow, I get to holidays and think: Woah? What do I do with this? How do I make it special and important and true for me?

And even more so:

What does Easter mean to me, as a follower of the Leonie-ist spiritual buffet religion?

There are six billion people in this world. There are six billion paths to God. Every single one of us has our own path that takes us to Great Spirit. Find what resonates for you, and makes your spirit sing, and let the rest go for someone else to resonate with.

I’ve collected some beautiful practices, rituals & thoughts that make Easter holy to me. As always, feel free to use what fills you up and sings to you, and let the rest go. You are the Goddess of You!

The Ancient Meanings of Easter

Easter is named after Ostara, a Goddess of fertility, abundance and new beginnings. It’s like the New Year’s Eve festival of the Earth – a whole new cycle being born. In the Northern Hemisphere, it comes just after spring equinox, as the season shifts from winter into spring. New buds are growing, skin becomes touched with the first tendrils of warmth again. In the south, Easter comes as our shift from summer into autumn. Harvest is here, and the trees are ready to bare themselves. Both are beginnings. Both are celebrations. Both are ancient, and have been celebrated by our ancestors for aeons.

In all of our spiritual, cultural and family traditions, one thing connects us all: We live and breathe on Mama Earth. All our food is grown by her. We are affected by her and her seasons. We celebrate when we have warmth after a cold winter. We feast when the long summer months end and bring the fruits of our harvest.

Easter is, at its simplest, a celebration of people about our amazing, abundant Mama Earth and all the way she nourishes us and touches us.

It’s the celebration of the Divine Sunrise, the Holy Pumpkin Soup and the Sacred New Blossom.

It makes me warm and fuzzy to think that Easter is really just about loving our blessings.

What touches you from the Christian Easter story?

I grew up in a fairly unreligious family – we believed in loving each other, and we loved the earth, and we believed in goodness and that was pretty much it. Consequently, I’ve really only learned much about the Christian tradition since I became an adult.

What I take from the Easter story is this:

Miracles can happen.


We are very, very loved.

Those are the two things that really deeply touch me from the Easter story. Not all of the story works for me – nor should it. But those are the precious, tender treasures that fill me up from the story of Easter.

What lessons and light can you take away from the Easter story?

Spring Cleaning (even if you’re heading into Autumn)

Passover is a Jewish tradition that I can’t even begin to know much about. What I do know, however, is that in the week around Easter, it’s a Jewish spiritual practice to do the Mother-of-All Spring cleaning.

It’s the turn of the seasons right now, on both sides of the planet. Us Southerners are heading into Autumn, and the Northerners are moving into Spring. It’s a beautiful time of year to cleanse our homes of clutter, visual noise and mess as we move into a new cycle of our lives. It’s cleansing the space around us to birth new miracles into our lives.

Three resources I like for spring clearing:
Clutter-Free Home from Simple Mom
10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life from Zen Habits
The Zen Habits Handbook for Life ebook has a whole section on Decluttering & Simpicity

Doing what is right for you

With all Holy Days, make it something that works beautifully for you – not something you do out of obligation, guilt or what anyone else is doing. Make your Holy Day a celebration of You and What You Need.

For instance, my body is telling me it really does *not* want to be fed chocolate right now. So I’ll be honouring that. And when it tells me it does, I’ll honour that too.

My brain is also asking me to take it easy, and to fill myself up with some teachings. Education is the word of my Easter break. Gentle reassurance & mind-opening to help me on my journey.

Whatever you need – give it to you. You have the universe’s permission.

Fire Blessings

There’s something sacred about fire. It’s why we love candles and why we gather around campfires. This Easter, it seems like fire is calling to me. In the evenings, Chris stokes up our new fire pit. On Easter Sunday, we’ll be found around a campfire in the mountains with some of our dear friends.

I was wondering why fire is so important right now – and I realised it’s the epitome of what we’re celebrating. Life. The Sun. New Beginnings. Warmth. Connection. Love. Cooking. Possibility. Radiance.

I have some things from the last season I need to let go of. I’ll be placing them in the fire on Sunday, and asking that my life be cleared so all new goodness can pour forth into it.

Passing the Talking Stick

You can make your holy days your own kind of holy. Add a touch of mindfulness, a soft cup of openness and a deep belief that you know what you need.

As always, feel free to share your own sharings of what Easter means to you in the Comments Circle.

You are so beautiful right now.

To hope. To possibility. To Mama Earth. To birth. To all our blessings. To love. To warmth.

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