Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

You might have noticed a couple changes around this website. It’s a new season, and tiny little buds are sprouting inside me. It’s April, and I want to heal myself with colour.

I’m so excited to invite you to join in the first Goddess Project – a project for you to create, connect with your Goddess inside and share it here.

The Project!

This project is reinvigorating our intention for Our Year.

We’re three months & a season into our year. I don’t know about you, but I forget {frequently} the intentions I set for my year. I had all these dreams of what I wanted 2009 to be like, and it’s only a quarter of the way through and I’ve forgotten. I don’t want to wait for next year to roll around before I can remind myself of what I wish to experience and reinvigorate my dreams.

I wanna do it now.

So that’s what this Creative Goddess Project is allll about today!

We’re going to be re-setting our intentions for what we wish to be and experience over these rest of this year – the next nine moons and four seasons. Every moment is a time for new possibilities!

Can you remember what your hopes and dreams and intentions for your New Year were?

Now is the time to be re-invigorated by your intention, if you had one, or create one for the rest for the year.

Let’s dream big and whisper into the Universe our dreams for what we want to experience this year.

Soulful Caveat

It’s okay that we’re a season into Our Year. It’s okay if our first season hasn’t been exactly what we dreamed of. It’s okay for us to begin again. We don’t need to be the 1st of January to set powerful intentions for the rest of our year. You have permission to dream and to create your intentions. The important thing here is Bringing yourself back into alignment with what you truly want!

Da Sacred Instructions.

Today we’ll be doing the dreaming of what we need, and tomorrow we’ll do the Creating!

Today, if you haven’t already decide what your intention is for Your Year. You can make your intention either one or two Power words, or one Affirmation sentence that you can remember effortlessly.

Power Words

Power words are words that resound in your being as the energy you want to invoke. For example: Love. Family. Abundance. Joy. Creativity. Your Power words will come to you easily – just sit and listen for a few moments. Write down the words that come. If there is more than three, sit with them and work out which ones are your true essentials.

Affirmation sentence

You might like to set your intention using an affirmation sentence. For example: “I am living a joyful, prosperous life”. Or “Good comes to me easily and effortlessly”. Or “I am a creative, powerful, wise Goddess.”

Use words that make sense to you and are meaningful for you. When your affirmation sentence works, you’ll be able to remember it easily, and it will call you back to your centre and your intention, realigning you back to your path. For more advice on making affirmations that make sense to you, check out my Affirmations in our own language post.

Spend a little or a lot of time today choosing your intention – whatever amount of time is right for you. The most important thing is to actually do it.


The second part of the project we’ll do tomorrow – it will be the creative part of the project. Today’s all about the soulfulness behind it – gotta have both the soul + creativity to make some bliss. Check back in tomorrow for your creative directions! Weee!

Get to the second part of the project here.

For now… wishing you so much love, and clarity as you find those words that help you dream forth Your Year.