*Update: Looks like the wave of gorgeous souls coming to launch party it up has crashed our (already pretty dang hefty!) servers! We’ll have it up + running beautifully as soon as possible… thank you soooo much for your love + enthusiasm!!!*

Holy moly possums,

The day has finally arrived! The official launch party + maiden voyage + birthday of my scrumptious new website!

This has been a mammoth five month long journey – so much work, love, sweat, faith, moolah + magic has been poured into it! I’m so grateful to my incredible team for helping me birth this baby into the world. I dearly hope you will adore it + get inspired by it + feel rejuvenated from it just as much as I do!

There’s SO MUCH new stuff here for you to immerse yourself in…

Make sure you check out:

  • the brand new header video
  • the lushly revamped FREE How To Be A Biz + Blog Star Workshop (get it free by signing up in the header! I swear it’ll make you wet yo’ pants with joy!)
  • ze stunning Freebies page loaded with goodies for you!
  • fresh new About page  page buzzing with energy
  • and last, but not least by any means, my new Amazing Biz + Life Academy!!!!!

I’m so so SO excited you’re here!

There are SO MANY incredible things to come.

I look forward to keep sharing miracles + guidance + advice to help you as you grow your own shining life + business. I promise to be open-hearted + soul-centered + really let you know what works (+ what sucks borg). And most of all, I plan on making this the most fun, sacred, joyful + seriously savvy experience around! WOOP WOOP!

I can’t believe I’ve been writing you these love letters for close to nine (!!!) years now. Here’s to the next nine, hey? May they be filled with just as much + even more love, blessings + instant BFF-ing!

I need your help, love.

If you have found my work in any way helpful, can you please share about me to three friends who you believe need me the most. I know there are so many more women out there who need the kind of love, creativity + abundance that lives here. Can you please open your email/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/carrier pigeon now and send them a love note this way? Thank you so much hon. Oodles + poodles. From my heart to yours.

I so deeply believe we can change this world with our love, our gifts + our miracles.


All my love,

P.S. I totally should have done a celebration photo shoot with streamers + party hats. But that would have required me putting a bra on.

Instead, you can totally imagine me doing this, right?