G’day gorgeous soul!


My new program Healing Goddess Workshop is now available exclusively to Goddess Circle members until 31 August — before it goes away, forever!

In this video workshop, you will learn how to become a Healer Goddess.

I regard this as essential energy work that every woman should know to live their most exceptional life.

You’ll learn essential, practical + powerful tools:

  • How to cancel + clear negative energy
  • Daily energy techniques you need to be using
  • How to heal yourself + others
  • Special Bonus: How To Become An Invisible Ninja!

Value: $39.95 (FREE when you sign up to be a Goddess Circle member)


Get in now!

This workshop is a limited edition disappearing workshop.

The reason?

It told me so.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a disappearing program, but when the muses speak, I listen.

I work intuitively with all my programs. Creating them is pretty much effortless… as long as I follow directions.


And this baby?

She wanted me to record it on a croc infested beach back in Proserpine a few months ago. (Yes! Really! Trish McNeill — a Goddess Circle member + good friend + talented photographer/videographer braved the beach with me to record it. And being safety minded people I only waded in the water a LITTLE bit before Trish got a bit nervous! Ha! All in all, a stellar afternoon!)

And in it, I had to teach some of the most powerful energy techniques + tools that I use everyday to heal myself physically + emotionally, heal others, take my happiness and clarity to a new level, get more intuitive, cancel + deflect negativity and even be an invisible ninja (a handy trick when you’re in a place you don’t want to be!)

And then I needed to wait until the time was right before final video production so I could release it from our beautiful new home in the mountains.

And then she told me that the workshop needed to be out NOW, but that it wasn’t something to be shared permanently.

All my programs have an energy, a deva that I can talk to. And things always work beautifully when I listen to what they have to say.



“This healing workshop is beautiful, gentle and oh-so-magical! I loved learning about all the different techniques and have been using them every day – and feeling so much more relaxed and grounded as a result.

I’ve saved the Healing Goddess Workshop into my Inspiration Folder on my laptop and will be using it whenever I need a bit of healing energy. Thank you so much, Leonie!”

Jen Saunders
Editor, Wildsister.com


So! Limited Time Only! Get in now to become a Healing Goddess!

I’m only offering it until August 31st.

To get it + learn the powerful tools I use everyday to heal + uplift my life, become a Goddess Circle member today.

You’ll receive it, along with $1300+ of my other programs, resources + meditation kits. It’s the most generous program you will find anywhere on the web, perfectly suited for every woman ready to uplift her life, soul + biz. It’s the Complete Life Uplift kit supported by an incredible community of almost 3000 women. It comes highly regarded + is wildly popular.

And I can assure you – this program is gonna make some HUGE shifts in your life.


love + goodness,


P.S. For the first time ever in my programs, I include a bloopers reel. And holllly mother of a duck, it makes me gigglesnort!!! Not only that… peeps are RAVING about just how good this bloopers section is!

P.P.S. Remember — August 31st is the last day to get this essential energy program before it disappears. Sign up to become a Goddess Circle member now!