Once upon a time,

you were in love with someone

and you thought:

there’s no way I could possibly love anyone more.


But then you make a baby together

and the moment she arrives

your world tilts and moves

and she becomes the sun

you both gravitate towards.


It’s like becoming a love-sick teenager:

where everything they do

is immediately the most thrilling, funny, genius thing

the world has ever seen.


You watch them while they sleep,

heart full and overflowing

at the beauty before you.


And they drive you bonkers and to the brink one moment

and in the next

reduce you to hysterical laughter

or happy tears.


And you think you’re the only one in the world who loves them this much.

But you’re not.

Because the one you love? The one who started it all with you?

He loves her just as much.

He’s just as moony and in love as you.


So you get to have these conversations…

conversations that are enthralling to the both of you

(and probably only you)


“So I was putting her to bed hon”

“Yeah? And what was she doing?”

“She was boobfeeding for a while. And she got all heavy and quiet. And I thought she was asleep. But then she rolled over and lay there.”

“Yeah? What did she do?”

“She was just laying there on her belly, her eyes half closed…

picking her nose and eating it.”


“I know right! And it wasn’t just once… it was OVER and OVER. For a good 10 minutes. And I let her do it because I thought it might soothe her into sleep or something.”

“Did it actually work?”

“God no. After 10 minutes, she opened her eyes up fully, looked up at me and laughed. And got up and started pushing her pram around after the dogs.”

“That’s funny!”

“I know. Maybe that snot was the protein source she needed for an energy boost or something.”

“Hahahahaha! She’s so cute!”

“I know right!”


True story.

Happened to us last night.



Lovesick in Cairns.