We are here.

Paradise House.

And it’s living up to its name.

I’m a little bit wordsless about the whole thing, to be honest.

It means SO much to me to be here. And it still feels a wee bit unbelievable and overwhelming to be honest.

It’s just so beautiful. And a HUGE dream come true to have our own acreage.

I’m SO glad we stepped up + made it happen.

I know more stories + photos will unfold.

But for now:

we are here.


Things I Am Completely And Utterly Obsessed With Right Now:

Yup. Have fallen head over heels in love with New Girl. I’m a little late to the partay, but I’m eager! And enthusiastic!

(Happily, this ticks off one of my 2012 Things To Do — find a new TV show to get obsesso-passionate about!)

Things have gotten so bad I’ve resorted to watching fan clips of it online too, while I wait for the new season to start:

Nick Miller is like the new millenial Mr Darcy.

New Girl is like Dawson’s Creek for adults.


Oh, and while we are at it, I’ve only listened to this song 46.2 bazillionity times:

There’s nothing like a bit of Willie.


LOVING the feedback from the limited edition Healing Goddess Workshop across the webiverse:

And just a reminder – it’s only available for the next two weeks.


Just read this book – definitely one of the BEST books I’ve read in a long time. Mama Mia by Mia Freedman is a compelling read about magazines, mamahood, business + life.
My business brain got expanded, I’ve cried more times than I could count, nodded my head emphatically in “oh my god Mia soul sistaaaa you get meeee and you had mastitis a thousand times like me tooooo we are twin booby sisters!!!” and did that silent-shuddering-laugh-of-I’m-trying-to-boobfeed-my-babe-too-sleep-and-must-not-laugh-too-loud.




And I just stocked up on new canvasses ready to be adorned on.

It’s kinda cramped my style the last couple of months being in a rental that didn’t have a place I could make a total painttastic mess in.

And now we’re here in Paradise House, we’ve converted part of our garage into a creating with kids zone…


“Paint The Town Rainbow!” studio…


more of this to happen:


Just saw one of the most beautifully organised 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbooks I’ve seen around…


I LOVE seeing how other goddesses customise them, make them their own + really USE them! SO inspiring!

(And YES – we get SO many peeps asking – it’s NOT too late to get your workbook now… we have women buying them right up until November each year when we take them off the market… and we get SO much feedback saying how valuable it is to do it – even if it’s part or most of the way through the year! When you’re ready to create your goddess year… it’s ready to help you!)


The view out my office window.

My love + my daughter collecting fallen sticks from the rainforest at the bottom of our acreage for tonight’s fire.

Really, really happy to be here.

That’s all.

Over and out.

love + dreams come true,