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So you now know WHO your people are, WHERE they are hanging out and how you can start reaching out to them and how blogging can help you market your biz!

Next step? You want them on your mailing list, so you can stay in contact with them and invite them to dive deeper into working with you/purchasing from you when the time is right.

In today’s outstanding episode, I talk about the importance of cultivating a mailing list as a fundamental asset for business success. I give you real-world examples of the impact a large mailing list has on sales conversion rates and your income! (Hot tip: relying solely on social media for customers and sales is not a requirement, babes!) You’ll walk away with a practical set of tips for growing a mailing list, focusing on trust-building elements such as personal photos and header videos, an easy sign-up process, and offering free resources. You don’t want to miss this! Growing your mailing list is one of the MOST important steps to growing your business. I can’t wait to share this!

Ready for the podcast companion episode?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Benefits of having a large mailing list for business [2:04]
  • Importance of growing a mailing list for business success [2:04]
  • Tips for Growing Your Mailing List [4:55]
  • Strategies for getting people to sign up for a mailing list [5:21]
  • Tips for marketing and sales skills [9:18]

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Let me drive this home for you:

  • You want people on your mailing list.
  • You want people on your mailing list.
  • You want people on your mailing list.

You want people on your mailing list more than you want them just reading your website or blog.

You want them on your mailing list more than you want them pressing LIKE on your Facebook page.

Why? There’s a heap of reasons. Lemme tell you why, just so I can really drum it into your head and heart WHY you want people on your mailing list.

Here’s The Big Reason: Because That’s Where People Buy From The Most

Your conversion rate for sales is SOOOOO much bigger than any other communication platform. One report showed people on mailing lists are 40x more likely to buy than social media followers!

That’s where people will be when they want to buy from you. That’s where people will stay in touch with you the most. It’s a great privilege and an honour for someone to respect you and your business enough to keep inviting you into their inbox. A bigger mailing list = a bigger business for you. Absolutely.

Having a large social media following just doesn’t have the same ring. There’s plenty of pages out there with 100 000+ likes on them. They simply will NOT be selling as much as a person with a 100 000+ mailing list.

A Mailing List Is An Important Business Asset

And it’s a big deal for your business – a mailing list becomes one of your business’ assets. For example, when I’ve applied for mortgages, one of the things my accountant highlights for my bank to approve me is that my company has a large mailing list. It’s a real asset.

If you decide to sell your business at any time, your mailing list will be one of the assets that increase the selling price of your business, because it’s a communication platform with your existing and potential customers.

A Mailing List Gives You Credibility + Pull Power

Trust me, as soon as you hit over 5000 people on your mailing list, people start treating you differently. They want to joint venture with you. They want to have you be an affiliate for them (or be an affiliate for you). They want to interview you.

They start seeing you as your own media brand. You have a circulation that exceeds newspapers in small towns. And the more you keep growing that list, the more opportunities will arise for you and your business with even more powerful business allies.

You OWN Your Mailing List. You Don’t OWN Your Social Media Followings

What’s more, social media is ephemeral. You don’t “own” your likes. With your mailing list, you get to keep them forever – even if you decide to move mailing list companies.

With social media followings, you are totally reliant on that platform:

  • continuing to succeed and grow (What if you had a huge following on MySpace? What is that worth now?)
  • not deciding to charge you access to your followers (hello Facebook, I be looking at you!)
  • not changing the algorithms and rules on a daily basis on how you can interact or advertise with your followers.

So to go pro and double your biz? You MUST make your priority to get people on your mailing list. GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. Then sell to them off it!

I’ve made a handy dandy checklist for you to use as you set up + grow your mailing list!

Pop your details in the form below and download this super helpful checklist! You’ll never forget a thing when working on your mailing list!

How To Get More People To Sign Up To Your Mailing List From Your Website Or Blog

Here’s some proven ways to get more mailing list signups from your website or blog:

  • If you are in the service business, or you are the main part of your business, have a great picture of YOU up top. Why? Because when someone lands on a website, they immediately look around to see if they could like and trust that person or business. Humans get this trust from being able to look into another person’s eyes. And in lieu of you being able to fly around and stare at every potential new customer in the face, we need a photo of you looking at the camera instead. People will make snap judgments. This is a good thing!
  • Consider a header video
    You can also make your header image into a non-auto-play video to build even more of a story of who you are and what you do and offer.
  • Easy sign up box
    Seriously people. If you say to me “click here to go to this other page to sign up,” I’m not going to. What’s more 95% of people are lazy like me. Don’t make me have to hunt down your sign up box. You should have it EVERYWHERE on your website!

Places to consider having a sign-up box:

  • In your website header
  • At the end of every blog post (I use Optin Monster for mine)
  • At the bottom of every page on your website
  • As an entry or exit pop-up on your website (I use Optin Monster for that too)

Have a free e-book, special report, teleseminar or audio that directly helps your target market (we’ll talk more about this in a future BSS instalment).

Sell your free stuff as being VALUABLE (because it is)! Give your target market evidence of why it is worth their time to sign up and give their attention to it!

Show the VALUE in your gift by:

  • Saying how much it is worth (in dollar value)
  • Providing an image (i.e. CD or book) of what they receive (even if it is a digital copy)
  • Arrows arrows arrows!
    Whatever you want people to do, point the direction! Give ‘em arrows, arrows, arrows! Circle the Submit button! You have to imagine this: when people arrive at your website, they have to IMMEDIATELY be able to see who you are and what you are offering. They could go in a thousand different directions. You HAVE to make it SUPER OBVIOUS what they should be doing. Don’t give them a million different options. Direct them with love where you want them to go. Which is onto your mailing list.
  • SELL your free offering + mailing list!
    It’s not good enough to just say “Sign up to get a free ebook!” Every man and his dog and every woman and her unicorn are offering free ebooks. You need to say WHY yours is so awesome, and what huge benefits and results they will get out of it! Make sure your reasons to sign up to your mailing list are copywritten well with a fantastic title that your peeps WANT – solve a problem for them! (If you need to improve your copywriting skills, make sure you take my Sales Star Masterclass!)
  • Sidebar video
    Consider having a video in your sidebar saying hello, introducing yourself, talking about how you help people/what you offer, and to sign up to your mailing list to get your special offer that will help them. Make it as short as possible (2-3 minutes max!)

Whatever you do… start today

Building a mailing list is the most important thing you can do for your business!

And if you need to learn more marketing and sales skills, this is the program for you! And if you want to learn more about marketing without social media, head here!

Big love,