It’s important for me as a creative to make sure I’m consuming good quality creations… not just a mindless scroll of blabbering.

Here’s my scrapbook of all the things that have fed my eyes, heart, brain & soul over the last month. I usually collect all the things that inspire me in my art journal… consider this my digital version!

Filled with things I’ve read, things I’ve beauty, things I’ve watched…

Get yourself a big ole cup of tea… this is a long one!

these beautiful art journal pages

amy hastings illustration

ghost fashions by gemma correll

I adored these collages.

these collages too

It’s the damnedest thing: The dead abandon you; then, with the passage of time, you abandon the dead.—Jennifer Senior

  • I adore the series Superstore – funny as fuck and ready to take on social justice issues. Its episode on undocumented immigrants was one of the most heartwrenching shows I’ve ever seen. One of it’s latest episodes dealt with the Black Lives Matter movement and was just cuttingly brilliant. Highly recommend.
  • Via my artsy penpal Tammy Hudgeon, this short video on a 100 year old artist. I love his motto:
    “I reserve the right to do any damn thing I want at any time.”

Righto, this has been an absolute JOY.

And to think… when I was wasting my life scrolling social media, I wasn’t remembering ANYTHING important, useful, good or beautiful. I was just reading mindless, forgettable trash. Quitting social media & starting to mindfully consume brilliant creations again? Life changing. Brain healing. Wildly joyful.

Here’s to all the creators!

Big love,