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Six months ago, I published this list on my blog. It’s time to rehash my list – mark off those already done, and add to it. As in life, the list changes, grows, transforms.

Leonie’s beginning list of THINGS TO DO

1. Have a midnight picnic
2. Paint my nails bright purple
3. Have a bicycle with streamers on the handlebars
4. Have henna painted on the palms of my hands

Indeedy, I have! Most scrumptious!

5. Read tea leaves
6. Learn how to say “thank you” in six languages.

Swahili ~ ‘asante!’
Hawaiian ~ ‘Mahalo!’
Japanese ~ ‘doomo arigatoo gozaimasu’
German ~ ‘danke schon’
Spanish ~ ‘munchas gracias’
Malaysian ~ ‘terima kasih’

{with asante to Trish and my multilingual colleagues}

7. Play Bingo in a Bingo hall.
8. Scuba dive
9. Handglide

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I have, I have, I have!
While on Christmas holidays, Chris and I went to
Hamilton Island for the day. {All the benefits of having your hometown so close to the Whitsunday Islands!}
We rented a golf buggy and spent the day hooning around the island, swimming in the resort pools and discovering little treasures. One of them was the Wireflyer ~ it is like handgliding on a flying fox.

I saw the sign from afar but thought to myself ~ oh, it will be too expensive. At the last moment, I spun my little buggy wheels into their parking lot. Sieze ze momente!

I’m so glad I took the leap {both metaphorically and literally!} It was cheap enough to do it, and it was FABULOUS!

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Leonie: handglider extraordinaire

I squealed with delight the whole way down… then back up again… and down again. Sweeping into the great green valley overlooking the ocean was dreamlike.

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good to be back in the nest of his arms after flying the valley

10. Wear a lot of bangles on my wrists so I can make music when I *sashay*

A dozen of deep and turquoise blue bangles adorn my wrists now.
They play their own tune when I walk and dance. And sometimes, just sometimes, I send one on its way, on its own journey, adorning the wrists of those who touch my day.

11. Swim with dolphins
12. Spread happy graffiti/street stickers
13. Photograph project of street art

Completed to heart’s satisfaction. 🙂

here and here and here and here

14. Hold the hands of my beloved on a beach and say *I do* while looking intensely into his eyes
15. Begin & finish my second gratitude journal
16. Finish reading “Women who run with the Wolves”

I’ve started, and I think that counts… I think this one is a lifetime achievement book…

17. Read “Mists of Avalon”

Have read well over half of this book. Not sure I will finish it. Maybe I will if I decide it will serve me, but right now it serves me to say no. As SARK would say ~ giving myself permission to not finish a book. Very liberating.

18. Read a Henry Miller book
19. Finish an Anais Nin book
20. Have a book launch
21. Write silly and insightful sayings on t-shirts and wear them

In the making, and in the being. Have done, and will continue too.

22. Paint like a goddess

In the making, and in the being. Have done, and will continue too.

23. Watch “What the Bleep Do we Know”
24. Watch the Qaatsi trilogy

Booked in for March

25. Record a full length song
26. Dance on a table
27. Design my own sticker series
28. Feel truly enriched, uplifted and satisfied by my career. Touch other’s lives with my work.

In the making.

29. Get published by a publishing house
30. Paint a photo frame
31. Have a big treasure chest of artsy goodies

In the process of ~ I have a large gift box that is ever growing filled with artsy goodies.

32. Make an altar

Done. It is a soft blue set of shelves filled with items that remind me of divinity.

33. Cook a creme brulee
34. Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick
35. Get an eyebrow ring

Joyfully, wonderously done!

36. Rockclimb

Everywhere I go, I climb rocks.

Nonetheless, I haven’t climbed a rockwall yet. I’m holding out…

37. Have bright blue hair
38. Canoe/Kayak on Lake Burley Griffin

I did go sailing, it was extreme, and it totally counts.

39. Go to a Sacred Heart Gathering at Uluru
40. Howl at full moon
41. Learn the dates for star signs off by heart
42. Get a tattoo
43. Do an art portfolio up with photos of all my works

Yes, yes oh yes oh yes!
It is gorgeous to see it manifested physically, and it’s been dang useful!
Especially today. So good to just pick it up, walk out the door with it, and show it to the world saying: this is me. this is what i do. this is what makes my heart beat.

44. Learn Tibetan Buddhist meditation

Booked in to come.

45. Dance on a beach at night

Come March at the AussiePalooza, and you won’t be able to keep me from it. 🙂

46. Have a LeoniePaLooza

Cie! Cie! The palooza of Leonie was in August. The gathering of goddesses. Check it out here and here.

47. Sleep under the stars again
48. Hike for three days
49. Eat noodles again at a streetvendor stall in SE Asia
50. Have a hammock.
51. Own a blue car
52. Add to this list
53. Change my name to Leonie Cougar Mellancamp Allan {or not}

I don’t think I will. Mark that off.

54. Dress in disguise
55. Get so flexible i can bend my head to my knees
56. Work in a bookstore
57. Perform a rain dance
58. Wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra
59. Get a professional dress-ups photo taken (dressed up like another era)
60. Baptise a baby
61. Find a signature perfume scent

I’m on the quest as we speak.

62. Create a dreamboard

Twice over, and both times a beautiful experience.
You can see one here, and the other below.

63. Watch a foal being born
64. Marry myself
65. Give birth
66. Find a song that sings about a Leonie
67. Have no idea about what I’m going to be doing for a year
68. Tell a stranger they look beautiful
69. Give a spontaneous hug to someone I wouldn’t usually.
70. Cut and polish a rock
71. Make a plaster cast of my breasts & belly and paint it
72. Belly dance in blue
73. See a buffalo
74. Take photos of the red dirt of the Grand Canyon against a blue blue sky.

Did this virtually.

75. Gondola. Venice.
76. Meet SARK.
77. Paint rocks
78. Paint with ochre rock dust
79. Create my own set of oracle cards
80. Delve and acknowledge the wisdom of my authentic and ancient self

This is a love story unfolding between me and my highest self.

81. Drink tea made from loose tea leaves
82. Make a necklace
83. White water raft
84. Ride a horse again

Hurrah! I got to do this one while on holidays on my parents’ farm for Christmas as well!
There was some mustering to be done, so I rode out with my little sister on my sweet horse Jeremiah. It was just as I remembered it. The thing I missed most about horse riding was their smell.

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My adventures so far have been richly rewarding. I’m glad I dreamt big. I’m glad I leapt.

And so I continue…
dream dreaming, adventure seeking, highest be-ing.