Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Remember that time, when we did a whole lot of dreaming & goals-making for 2010 using my 2010: Creating your Goddess Year Workbook? Gosh it was a beautiful way to spend the new year… sharing such loveliness with you all… my darling goddess tribe!

Guess what?

It’s been six moons since then… we are half-way through our year.


It’s time to check-in with our gorgeous theme & goddess goals for our year!

Ha! I was so cute and pregnacious when I filled out mine!

My Theme for 2010

I knew 2010 was going to bring some huge, hard changes about. Transformation central as this Maiden became a Mama.

So I wanted JOY to be my focus and my pivotal point this year. The place I returned home to, again and again.

Remember when I had an outie? I have an innie again!And guess what? See how round my belly was? There was a Little Mermaid in there! And now she’s a little person? Can you IMAGINE? I still think it is the most amazing miracle yet. I still get wow-ed out about it.

Last year, my word of the year was FAITH.

And this year, I gave birth to a daughter whose middle name is Faith – a name chosen by my beloved.

So maybe next year… I could have a daughter whose middle name is Joy? Charlotte Joy? Oceana Joy? Georgia Joy? ha!

Anyways… I would like to remember my theme for the year more. Maybe once we are home I’ll make a painting of it. Or something to remind me more often.

I just want to share a little JOY moment from this morning:

Chris was already gone for work, and Little Mermaid and I were sleeping in. I was in a cranky mood over feeling like I wasn’t enough – or something ridiculous like that. And then I thought – you know what? Today is going to be different. Today is going to be good. I am going to make it that way.

And I opened the curtains up, and Little Mermaid woke up, and we lay in bed staring at each other, giggling and gurgling. Then JOY descended on me like a bird, and I threw my hands up in the air and laughed and laughed.

Yes, life is good.

I just need to have my arms wide open for the JOY bird to descend upon them and land.

My Gorgeous Goddess Goals for 2010

I wrote these goals while we were still waiting for Little Mermaid… I think it’s time to add some more goals now she is here.

* Be as prepared, conscious & joyful as possible before and during birth.

I think I did this. HURRAH!

* Take prenatal yoga classes.

Yes… these were beautiful and good for the soul.

* Continue growing & enjoying a beautiful deep, spiritual and loving relationship with my love.

Oh my. Our relationship is so much bigger, vulnerable, honesty-facing and collaborative since we became parents together. Love + parenting = hard work! And we’ll keep working on it, and keep getting more conscious, and more our higher selves together. Coz that’s what love is all about. It’s about calling out the highest parts of each other, and learning big medicine as you walk a journey together.

* Move

Ha ha ha! I don’t think I’ve ever moved as much in.my.life. since I was pregnant and now I have a babe in sling who likes to move around all day. Even writing this, I have Lil Mermaid sleeping in sling while I stand up, swinging back and forward, typing on my laptop that is perched on a box on a desk. Ha ha ha! Thanks Little Mermaid, for making my goal come true.

It must be working: I am 10 kilograms lighter than I was when I became pregnant.

* Hold four terms of Goddess School with at least 100 goddesses enrolled each term

I haven’t been running them as much in terms anymore. But I have had the big gift and blessing of teaching about 300 goddesses already this year… so hurrah! Yay! We’re on track 🙂

* Switch Off Sunday each week… have screen sabbaticals weekly!

I keep forgetting about these, but I know I so need them. Here’s me recommitting to regular screen sabbaticals!

* Move home

Oh yes. YES YES YES! Tropical paradise awaits… only 20-something days to go!


What was your word & goals for 2010?
How are they blooming or what do they need?
Let me know in the comments dearest heart!

I think you are exquisite,