Hola beautifuls!

I’m starting a new lil series here… a Crafty Goddess Christmas! Little projects we can do to make our celebration seasons more joyful, artsy & fun!

But first… before I get into the Christmas-craft-actiony-goodness… I have to make a wee public service announcement.

For anyone who was all excited about my change in relationship status on Facebook this week from “engaged” to “married”… no, we haven’t eloped or done a shotgunner. I’m totally inept at keeping any kind of secret, so I wouldn’t be hiding any of that kind of glorious goodness from you!

Our very humble, silly and fun explanation… We were trying to find the relationship status for “soul-married”, couldn’t find it, and settled on “married” instead. And we didn’t really know it would show up so prominently, cause mini-heart attacks in our family or cause people to wonder. We’re pretty open book about everything!

As a sweet friend of mine said “I hear what you’re saying… for every intent and purpose, you’re married, except for that piece of paper.” I’m totally pro-wedding, and it will happen when the time is sweet and ringing, but for right now? I’m continuing to be in soul-marriage with the most amazing man who walked the planet.

P.S. I’ll be sure to drive you all bonkers with blog posts when we do start planning our sacred ceremony. Remember that time I got pregnant and told you when I was five weeks pregnacious? Ahhh, yeah, Leonie doesn’t do secrets. hee hee hee!

On to the project!

I usually don’t get much into Christmas crafts and preparations. Since we moved across the country seven years ago, away from our families, each Christmas we either usually fly or drive to be with our families. Otherwise, we spend the day at home wishing we were away, trying to ignore that we’re away from the ones we love.

This Christmas, I’m moving into my last trimester of pregnaciousness (I know! already! What the? It was only a minute ago that I was five weeks pregnant and telling you all!). But yes, third trimester = no travelling for this little bean and her little bean. So we’re staying here, and we’ve decided it’s time to start making our own Christmas celebrations and traditions.

I’ve been a-thunking we should have some stockings. And I mused about making and sewing some of my own up. And then I remembered that at this moment in time, my sewing skills are kinda non-existent. And theoretically, I could teach myself. I could use this as my test sewing project. But if I was really honest with me, I’d know that the whole sewing idea is way-nutty-scary right now, and when I think about doing it, I get overwhelmed.

Which creativity is not really supposed to be about. Art needs to be non-overwhelming and non-scary and fun-inducing and able to do right now, not in a year when I have all my crap together and actually have sewing co-ordination.

And right now… as much as I’d love to say I have all the time in the world to make creativista stuff, I just don’t. So for me, art needs to be easily completed for me :). Non-time-sucking. A project I can start & finish in a few hours, so it doesn’t sit at the back of the shelf waiting to be finished some other time.

So I found an option that sounded really fun and really do-able for me.

Which was… picking up five of these babies at the cheapy shop.

Ohhhhhh yeah! Pre-made blank stockings… with GLITTER PENS!!! To decorate your own!!!! Helllllooooo dream come true!!!!

This was me half way through with Charlie-puppy’s stocking. And yus, I am wearing an ANIMAL t-shirt. Awww yeah, I am rocking it! 🙂

So me and hunky were decorating each other’s stockings with glitter pens… and then I realised I could rummage through my art & scraps cupboard and really bling them out…

It got way fun 🙂

The stocking I made for Chris (on left) ended up having a cut up leather tie (one of his leftovers from the 80’s… that’s HOT) embellishing it… along with some fabric and buttons and a stone glued on.

And Angel’s stocking was begging for something that said Hellllooooooo I’m a partay girrrrrrl, let’s hit the clubs and boogy (to suit her personality), so I cut up an old sequins top of mine from when I was all 18 and boogy-ish, and made hers a bit disco-ball.

And Charlie’s got some more fabric shapes pasted on to it… and little Merbaby who gets her own stocking this year got a mermaid drawn with glitter pen and a disco-top mertail… uber scrummy.

And they are all finished up in an afternoon of listening to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion Christmas carol music (oh yes, we went there, if we are going to be fully tacky, we are going to do it properly!)… and they are all hanging up around the house waiting to be filled up with goodies.

I’m hoping mine gets filled with lavendar candles and my new favourite Moo Goo creams (they are all milky and remind me of when we used to milk our own cows on the farm!).

But mostly, the stocking of my life is already full… with so many blessings, goodness and love. And disco tops.

Anyway, the moral of the story here is:

This was very fun.

And art should be very fun.

The End.

Go forth, and create!

Love you all long time!

P.S. Just a quick reminder – two more days until the early goddess discounts on my new meditation packs end!