Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s a new thang here at GoddessLeonie.com… Creative Sunday!

Every Sunday I’ll post one of my latest creations… and you can share your own in the Comments circle if you are called! 🙂

First, some talking stick sharings…

I’m back! After nine glorious days away roadtripping and holidaying at my lovely in-laws, I’ve returned back to our cottage. As much as I love being away, I love our cottage, and my gentle routine. I love our ginormous bed in our mermaid room. I love my wooden desk that looks out over the backyard – the same desk I’ve been writing at since I was 12. I love our kitchen and I love coming home to raw food, and I love our walls tumbling with artworks. I love this.

To celebrate, we slept in and even when Charlie dive-bombed my face with happy-morning-puppy-kisses, I managed to wrangle him into a little-puppy-spoon-cuddle, and continue on in blissful morning-sleep. Then, out to the garden for some morning meditation under the pine trees. After long days sitting in Aurora the Blue Jeep, my legs ached for some stretching, so I decided on a walk around the block.

But then – just as I went to walk around the concrete path, I looked up, and the mountain called me. My favourite mountain here – I call her the Western Mountain. Original I know, seeing as she is to my west… but for me she is the epitome of West. The West of the Medicine Wheel – the place to retreat into your cave, rejuvenate, hibernate, and gaze at the world with new perspective.

I weaved between the houses on the way up, breathless by the time the houses finished and the bush began. I wandered about in her summer grass and bush-rock beauty for a while, before I came across a sweet miracle. My second Stone Circle on the mountain. I found a Stone Circle further along the mountain a year ago – a circle made with a rock wall a foot high that met up with some mossy boulders. It was obviously a kid’s earthy castle, and I visit it often.

This Stone Circle though – this was different. This one I hadn’t seen before, even though I’ve walked through there many times. Has it always been there and I have not seen? It is a mystery. A marvellous one at that. This Stone Circle was about 12 feet in diameter, and at its very middle was a large mama tree. I lay in that circle, back against the tree, feeling completely safe and peaceful. What is it about Stone Circles that can change the energy so much? I lay in there, looking out over the beautiful valley, dreaming ideas for the Creative Goddess e-Course and Circle. It is a beautiful thing when you don’t have to *think* things up – you just allow them to be dreamed. Needless to say… the time in the Stone Circle has filled me up with so much joy and gentle peace today.

Tomorrow I’m back at work. My intention is to integrate my dreams, lifestyle and workplace seamlessly – so that I can navigate my day, combining all of these effortlessly. With breath, grace and ease. With the birth of the New Year, I want to manifest and cultivate habits that support me… and create my dream.

Phwoar, that turned out to be a rather long sharing!

If you’d like to join in on the sharing of where you’re at, and your journey this week… the Comments Circle is open for you, the talking stick is waiting…

And now for the creating…

I’ve been playing with colour and ink and joy today… some new Soul Story custom artworks and a Goddess in You painting… those ones haven’t been shown to their owners yet though… so I’ll show you one of the Soul Story custom artworks I created before Christmas.

This one was commissioned by the amazing Goddess Karen, the creator of The Calm Space. It was such a joy to create it for her.

In the below pic you can see all the yummliscious glitter 🙂

She sent me the most gorgeous email when she got it…
“The artwork is truly beautiful and stunning. It surpasses all my expectations.The colours, the words, the message, the feel and the gorgeousness are just divine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Oh I so heart her 🙂

Passing on the talking stick…

How’s your week been precious?
What’s cooking in your creative pot?

As always, the talking stick is available for you in the Comments Circle. You are so precious!

I’m wishing you the most beautiful day today… filled with possibility and love!

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